Monday, October 31, 2011

big time fail!

...stumbling at the last hurdle again with this blogtoberfest caper!
First the internet decided to stop working
Then I was at a camp with no net access
Then it was the internet still being stoooopid when I got home!
So today marks the end of a VERY busy month with blogging AND frocking it up!
I'll be back to share my last installment of frocktober and other such tales when I have recovered! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

frocktober week 4...part one

Week 4 I'm in fine form! :) this little purple, pink and white number got another feature! (Saturday 22nd)
Sunday 23rd October- I love this dress, a very dear friend found it for me at a Childers op shop a number of years ago...for like $2 or something crazy like that! It's lovely! 
Monday 24th October... I can't actually remember when and where I got this dress...probably in Bundy sometime! I am almost 100% it's handmade! It's so well made, the fabric is in such great condition! unfortunately you can't see in the picture but it has floral bits on it! very sweet!
Tuesday 25th- I must confess I wore a pair of jeans to work this day...BUT only because I knew I was going to a dinner where I could wear a that cheating? This dress my little sisters got me for my birthday this year!
Wednesday 26th- A pretty skirt...I made! when I was on one of my social work pracs! ha so comfy, so fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

received bunts

 It has been so lovely over the last few weeks to go to the letter box and find something fun to know something OTHER than a BILL!
 Rachel over at squiggly rainbow organised the bunting swap! And it was so enjoyable to be apart of! Thanks Rachel!
I have received bunts from (in no particular order): Rachel, Kirsty, Bronwyn, Faith, Sam, Lionesslady, Nicole, Lea, Leah, Sophie, Amy, Beberouge and Ruth. They are all very talented ladies! Thank you lovelies for being involved. I love each and every one of my bunts so far and I am really looking forward to putting them all together!
So 14 down...6 to go! I can't wait to receive the rest!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

farewell class of 2011

photo taken a few days was infact their last day! before exams!
how did this year go by so quick?
It doesn't feel like very long ago since I farewelled the class of 2010!
I've known some of these students since they started school in little year 7's. I once was taller than they have left me for dead. I've come to know many ace young men and woman. Some are talented at sport, some at music, some at public speaking, some at speaking German, some at writing, some at being a good listener, some that are resilient, some who are passionate about justice. The list could go on and on. 
It has been indeed a joy (and sometimes it has been challenging too!) to see these young men and woman grow and develope and change into the young adults that they are today. There is a special valadictory dinner tonight to celebrate before it's time to knuckle down for exams.
Thanks for the good times class of 2011, may you have clarity for your exams and we'll see you on the other end!

Monday, October 24, 2011

new in the shop

 My sister is a little bit clever, sometimes annoyingly so! :) Just kidding! She's very clever with the crochet hook. After the weekend and the market, I had a few little brooches left over...I have been a bit slack with the Lozalicious etsy shop. So thought I would get into gear and put some new treats in the shop!
 Perhaps you'd like to do some early Christmas shopping? Or perhaps you have some pocket money that's burning a hole in your pocket! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

show us your pin cushion!

Vic at Punky and me has bought back the delightful my place or yours! This week we're sharing our pincushions! I received this lovely pin cushion in a swap...a little while ago perhaps as long as 18 months ago from the talented Myrtle and Eunice! You can actually get the pattern off her blog...and get the tattoo done! I'm seriously considering it!
more pincushions

Saturday, October 22, 2011

to market to market

It was a beautiful day for a market. I'm glad Fiona bought an umbrella otherwise we would have got very hot!
Tonight I put my feet up!

Friday, October 21, 2011

frocktoberfest-the 3rd week!

Far out how quickly is October going!? I'm in the full swing of these frocks/skirts! although there have been more skirts than frocks this week!
 Saturday 15th October- this beautiful green and black patterned skirt I got from the OP shop while visiting Bundy in September. I found it in the costume had a big chunky gold thing on the front which I took off. It is super comfy and flowy and pretty...shame the picture is a bit crummy!
 Sunday 16th- I got this dress from a market in Freo...I really like it. I wore it to Tim's sisters wedding. It's a bit low in the front but I wore a little skivvy underneath which has a v neck too...went well and it was a little cooler this day so worked well!
 Monday 17th- dress from the's a tad tighter than when I bought it...but doesn't look too bad! It has cute buttons on the bodice!
 Tuesday 18th- My sister made this skirt! It's super cute apples...This photo has taught me I need to get Tim to photograph me the rest of the month!
 Wednesday 19th- A work mate told me I looked cute I was able to tell all about frocktober!
Thursday 20th- back to a lovely skirt. I got this for a birthday a few years ago. It's reversable and you can style it into 20 different styles...but I lost the instruction leaflet...apparently you can even wear it as a dress/frock!
Friday 21st October- the plain jane black skirt I'd had for years...comfy with tights!
check out the rest of my frocktober journey here and here!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my creative space

 my creative space this week is a bit of a mess!
it's also taken the kitchen table hostage! 
It;s all because this weekend a lovely friend and I are having a stall at this market! I had one there last year and it was so much fun! A great place to do your first market! My mumma will be coming along too to help out and drink cups of tea with us! So I've been busy finishing badges, magnets, brooches and cute little pear pin cushions!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the little spilsburys...

...are seriously cute!
 I mean come on! Look at this face! 
 this little Belle is a cheeky monkey. She is also very smart and loving! 
it was really cute last time we saw her in had just been easter and she had learnt the word egg...
 These little munchkins are growing up so quick!
 this little Ava has found her voice! I often hear her squealing in the background when on the phone to the Sydney spilsburys!
Obviously Belle had a busy day!I can't wait to give these little ladies lots of kisses in January!
My sweet sister in law sent me an email today and said here is some inspiration if I was scrapping the barrell again! Lots of photos of the cutie pies!! thanks Anna!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

heart shaped....

How cool would it have been to grow this potato! I probably wouldn't have wanted to cut it up!
Have you ever seen a vegetable that was a shape that it wouldn't "usually" be?
...scrapping the barrel today a bit :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

lynee king

I remember when this movie was released the first time 1994. We (my sister Jek and I) went to the movies with a good family friend. My little sisters were only very small. It was a special outing for just the big girls! I remember getting the Video...yes NOT the DVD for Christmas one year and we watched it and watched it and watched it...that video is still at mum and dad's house.
Lynee king is what my little sisters called it! they used to say some funny things...they still do come to think of it.
So today on a lovely day off I am going to go see it again! I wonder if I'll cry in all the same places!
Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

etsy crush

check out this ladies etsy shop...lots of cute prints!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


 a pretty decent week
family dinner which had it heated moments but also the laughing so hard you wheeze
input from an interesting conference
an inspiring, interesting and engaging strategic planning day (I must note here this was today and I was not doing so well this morning when I woke up...but it was a really great, positive and moving forward type of day
getting through another week of frocktoberfest....and blogtoberfest!
Peace in my heart...
and now to put my feet up in front of the tv...we're totally leaving the dishes til tomorrow!
more gratefuls head over to maxabella!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Frocktoberfest week 2

Another week in the life of Frocktober! It has been a fun week trying to think of which dress I'll wear next! Although I'm a little bit conscious of feeling overdressed all the time! AND the weather is being REALLY temperamental here in it's more dress over jeans weather! But it is nice to don a frock each day!
Saturday 8th- I got this dress from Miss Shop a few years ago...I really like wearing it over jeans because otherwise it is WAY too short!...for me anyway!
Sunday 9th- I bought this skirt recently on a savers trip!
Monday 10th- this dress cost me $5 new...
Tuesday 11th- from the salvos down the road from me, it has cute little cats on it!
Wednesday 12th- I got this dress from a market from a basket marked $5 I think. It is in amazing condition and quite thick material.
Thursday 13th- I bought this dress about a year ago and this may have been the first time I wore it! I can't believe it! It is super fun and so comfortable! I think it'll be great in the summer
Today! 14th October- I've had this dress for donkies of years!
I'm approaching the territory of dresses that I have worn to weddings I am either going to be ULTRA dressed up or more skirts are going to feature! :)
If you want to learn more about frocktober head over here

Thursday, October 13, 2011

my creative space

I've been having fun this week with a couple of extra days off during the week cause of School holidays!
 I saw this idea a few weeks ago. Pre-planned dates for a whole year. I got very excited instantly and thought that was a really fun idea. We can get a bit lazy in the date department and tend to do the same things...maybe we'll branch out a bit with this! So after I finished my bunt's the other day I got to getting envelopes etc ready! I had fun! 
 I got creative in the kitchen and made some pesto was freakin delicious!
and of course my bunts! they took up most of my creative space...and table space before I posted them off! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's my beloveds birthday today.
He likes playing games with Zombies in them...and so I thought this card was an appropriate choice!
He's a bit blog shy...I took a photo of him before with his new Weber (a birthday gift purchased with birthday money!) and he said...that's not for your blog is it...knows me too well.
Happy Birthday Timothy
I love you you to the moon and back xxxx

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The diary of Anne Frank...have you read it?
I made myself a challenge to read it this year I finally found it at the library and read it.
When we were in Amsterdam last year we visited the house in which the Frank and Van Daan families hid during world war 2.
I enjoyed reading the story of these families from the eyes of Anne, it was also very sad. But I also found it quite hard to read, like I felt weighed down when reading it. 
I also recently finished the book thief (which is also set during world war 2) and REALLY enjoyed it. You should check it out. What have you read lately?

Monday, October 10, 2011


my bunt is completed...
they are in the post off to it's new owners
It was lots of fun to make and I will probably make more!
I used fabric from my stash and crocheted a flower for each with wool I already had. There was almost no 2 that were the same!
Thanks Rachael from Squiggly Rainbow for hosting! 
I've already received many of my "bunts" I'll share them all once they have arrived!