Friday, March 30, 2007

Scruffy Wallace

is the name of the bagpipes player in Dropkick murphys....
what a champ.

on another note...underoath are touring with emery and they are actually doing an adelaide show. so very exciting!

went to the garden of unearthly delights. went on the ferris wheel which was cold, but fun. the trapeze artists were done for the day which was a bit of a shame. and we went and saw the man with a big claw or was pretty off beat BUT he did show a bit of an old heaman cartoon as well as captain planet. pretty cool!

Monday, March 26, 2007

that punk rock band from boston

so last night was possible the most fun i've had at a punk rock show in quite some time!
first of all it was an 18+ show which makes it better. now i'm not trying to decriminate against younger people, i love young people but when you get to 23 and you go to an 18+ show then i am still at least 5 years older then the youngest people there...

anyway i'm getting off topic...

i went and saw the dropkick murphys last night. WOW
ok so they consist of 7 guys from boston in the usa but they have alot of irish links! they ing alot about ireland. they have a guy who plays bag pipes (and please note that there was a pirates flag from the top if the bagpipes!),there was a recorder, a piano accordian, guitars (of course), a left handed bass player...and left handed drummer! ahhh they played the songs i wanted to hear and some i hadn't heard. check out rocky road to dublin... it's such a great song.
and then to top the night off i got to go on to the stage with the band...and shannon my new gig buddy was there too on the stage! hahaahhaha it was funny!

anyway someone needs this computer!

do yourself a favour and check them out

Sunday, March 25, 2007

adam hills what a leg

i went last night to the theby theatre to see Adam Hills an australian comedian. he was so funny, as you hope all comedians will be. he did his advance australia fair thing...where he sings the words to our national anthem to the tune of working class man by jimmy barnes...sooo good! and there was a signer there and he kept catching her out to do rude signs...

lots of laughs.

check him out if he's ever in a town near you.

dropkick murphys tonight! YES!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

rain rain don't go away

it started raining this afternoon and i praise God for that. i was sitting in my bedroom reading and it started lightly and then got heavier and heavier. it is so good! i was at a school camp earlier in the week near strathalbyn and it is so dry there. i hope they get rain too.
and i went to the shops this afternoon and a friendly lady...with VERY RAD glasses served me..i commented on them and as i was leaving she said enjoy splashing in the puddles!

i think i might!

applied for a passport today!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

missy is back!

ok so i have to start blogging more cause there are to many exciting things to report when i get around to it...
i'll start with most recent!

i heard the new missy higgins song this morning! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
check it out PLEASE! at the myspace

i'm loving it!

yesterday was my birthday 23! ha i caught up with mates on wednesday night to celebrate the last night of being 22 and said i didn't feel like i was turning 23 and luke said...well that's cause you act like your 14...bah! it was a fun night having a few g&t's! last night was mum, dad, bek, courty, kara and nathan at Montezuma. it was fun and yum! and then cake and ice cream at my house...AND presents! got seasons 4 and 5 of gilmore girls, a garlic press, some fantastic wine glasses, LOTS of chocolate....and a VERY GENEROUS amount of money for my trip to parents are amazing just to let you know!

and i have some FUN new friends shannon and Annika from the states. they are here for the year to do youth ministry in the barrossa...they are FUN and i spent time with them on the long weekend.i was also disturbed and confronted and challenged at the weekend too..BUT in a good way...

i have to go...
more soon i hope!And photos from the fun and festivities!

LOz x

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Kt a great mate of mine who lives in Brisbane. this is her on her way to an 80's dance night at the globe in bris. LOVE YOUR WORK LADY!

you know you're unfit when...

you get on your mum's exercise bike for 2 minutes and come off it sweating...

i'm hoping it was on a hard level!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Nikola and 10 year not so reunion

when i heard that the lead singer from milliencolin was doing a solo acoustic tour i thought for sure Adelaide would be skipped. but to my absolute joy he did a show at enigma on Saturday night and it was fantastic. i went solo and met a friendly fellow who i studying to be a nurse and he bought his mum and dad along which was cool!
and he played and played to the small but very committed crowd...i even got a set list after and got a to lauren from nikola! but it was hard to get in because everyone was spell bound afterwards...(i'm telling you it was wonderful everyone should have been there!)

and this guy was talking to him and asking if he liked wine...cause his friends (and he pointed to his friend) dad owns a winery in the barrossa henske wines...and the funny thing is that when dad was studying we used to go out to the barrossa and the owner of that very winery used to go to the same church...i reakon it was his son that played the saxaphone...he was pretty nice on the eye...but because i was so pre occupied with nikola i only realised this a couple moments later and when i went to freak him out and ask him if his parents did go to that church he was gone! oh was a wonderful night...i parked on hindley street and my car was still there when i got back so i was pretty pleased!