Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm off..

like milk in the sun...
no just kidding!
I'm off on a camp this week to Port Hughes with some lovely highschool students...for a holiday camp called Christian life week!!
Wish me luck, I have packed enough treats to sink a battle ship!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

new treats in the shop!

check out the shop!!

an intervention had to be staged...

...on Thursday night, Miss C alerted Jek and I of the cheap wool that was running out the door at spotlight, Miss C works there so she would know! Now mum had knitted C a sort of scarf slash neck warmer slash collar thing...I don't have a photo to show yet but will in time...and Mum offered to knit Jek and I one too! How nice!
so we went and picked out buttons and wool! Mine is going to be blue Jek's will be red...and then I found some other lovely wool to crochet and knit with...perhaps a special scarf for our special trip! But then I went a little crazy...
I started drolling when I saw this fabric, it bothers me slightly that the Christmas things are in the shops...but seriously how lovely is this fabric! There was more...BUT that's when Jek really stepped in, thank goodness! I needed someone who had a clear head, who wasn't being swayed by the bright lights and lure of all the great things that spotlight had to offer us that night. She helped me see reason, and for that I am thankful! 
So back to the saving for our trip and I think it's just best if I stay away from Spotlight for now!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy 4th birthday!

A while ago when I was reading some of my favourite blogs I came across someone who was celebtrating the first birthday of their blog and I thought wow that's great! How cool, how fun...and then I thought hang on a second how long have I been in bloggy world!?
And the answer is...4 years!!!!...4 years! wowzers!
4 years ago to this date I was sitting in my friends bedroom...well her childhood bedroom she was visiting her parents here in Adelaide...and her husband helped me sign up! I did go back and have a look at some of those earlier posts! It was fun to do that and see how much has changed in the how much hasn't in the past 4 years! What a great way to keep a track of what happens. an online journal! it's been really fun and I have really embraced it in the past year! and I look forward to more years of bloggy goodness!
So Lozalicious...Happy 4th Birthday lady!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

modern day jumanji

this was on tv last night...we totally got sucked's totally jumanji...just set in also has dax shepherd in it who you'll also find in parenthood! ha

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I love these photos! We got them taken on my birthday!...which was back in march, they are on our fridge! And I smile when I see them!
Happy Saturday friends I hope you are having a wonderful day! xx

Monday, September 13, 2010


I've been rather sick since Wednesday, as in lay down all day so not to cause dizziness, keep up with the nurofen every four hours, aching all over and fever, have 3 days off of work type of sick. It's been really sucky, but finally I can see my way out, I have actually been able to do somethings today like walk around and tackle the dishes and dirty clothes. Now Tim has it! The problem with having so many sick days is the work piled up at work...but I am not going to think about that...until tomorrow. I came to realise that TV is really rather crap! BUT on the plus side I did get to watch some great movies!
I hope you are feeling healthy and well today! x 

Thursday, September 09, 2010

celebrate with a giveaway!

A very clever lady I know is celebrating her 400th post! pretty cool huh!? AND to celebrate she is having a giveaway! And she wants everyone to be in on the fun! Rachel is a talented photographer....that's one of hers just there! She is very passionate about her art and very clever in the craft area too! So go check out her blog, it's lovely and there is a link to her flickr site and her etsy shop to put an entry in!
The winner will win 2 of her beautiful prints of YOUR choice! What have you got to loose! Go on go over and have a look! :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

we have a...

...woman prime minster...and this time she was elected by the people of Australia...well sort of! It's a pretty interesting time in Australia's history and politics...even if you're not that interested in politics!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


oh wow! when I got home my here comes the sun package was awaiting for me!All wrapped up pretty!
and WOW oh WOW I got totally spoilt!
A beautiful birdy, some body shop loveliness, an amazing button necklace, a hanky and a hair clip!
Not to mention this clever little gift!
If you look in the photo above this one the friend to friend card revealed two tea bags!
Rhiannon you are a generous wonderful woman I feel so lucky to have been your swap partner! Thank you! 
If you want to check out how the other ladies in the swap got spoilt check out the flickr page!

Monday, September 06, 2010

i heart crochet and cupcakes

A few months ago I bought this lovely brooch....but it was only 50% true! Yes I did heart cupcakes...but I have no idea how to crochet....
on Saturday that all changed!
I started using some yellow from a small bag of leftovers I bought from the op shop sometime ago...and so it made a small square!
it's a little wonky but I am pretty stoked for a first effort!
perhaps a coaster set or a little doily for a vase full of flowers? 

Saturday, September 04, 2010

spring craftanoon

What an awesome afternoon! Craftanoon day...gosh I love the work Craftanoon! So some really pretty ladies (Jek, Bec, Mumma, Jodi, Kirsten, Janelle, Anisia, Sarah, Alex, Penny and Ruth) came over this afternoon to craft...and eat copious amounts of baked goods!
that cake says craft :)....and Sarah made an amazing caramel mint crisp pie...come to think of it I didn't end up trying it...mmmm
mumma made scones and a scarf, anisia made banana cake
there was plenty of tea and beautiful flowers to pretty up the place!
oh and the scones were heart shaped!
oh my...and I learnt to crochet! Just quietly...Kirsten is ace
THE WEATHER however...rainy windy and cold...BUT it didn't bother us! Hopefully the craftanoon will encourage the spring weather to arrive!
Hope you'e had a wonderful Saturday!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

spring....has not sprung!

It's the first of September! A big hip hip Hooray!! We have some really nice days the last few...but today is overcast...gloomy and I think it is definitely going to rain! (which is probably good we do need rain!) BUT I will not be deterred! Spring is so close I am so happy, I am done with winter...for now! I need some vitamin D before we go on our trip over Christmas!
To celebrate I am having a craftanoon on Saturday!
AND I added some new magnets to the etsy store!
I even finished my "here comes the sun" swap treats early and posted them yesterday! Which was good because I was a bit stuck to begin with and then the inspiration came...LIKE I hope spring will!
Happy September! xx