Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my place or yours? collections

Oh fun my place or yours...only a couple of days late!:) When I first saw this weeks theme is sounded a bit familiar! Here are some of my collections here! but some other collections I have re discovered recently...
Baby sitters club books!
Enid Blyton books! oh Joy! to see more pretty collections and to play along head over to HelloOwl

a brand new job

Mr T has a JOB!!! what a relief and a blessing! He went and had an interview on Monday and got it on the spot! he started Tuesday and will work full time from now! We saw a meter reader last week and they were wearing a wide brimmed hat. I joked to T that he should by a legionnaire's know the hates from primary school. The caps with the flaps. Well he got supplied with a hat and guess what it has a flap at the back!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a week in the life of me

Spending time with my family, playing netball, Teaching Vetamorphus to year 11 students, hearing seminars prepared by those students, talking to students about recycling and fundraising possibilities, sponsor children and how their weeks have been, encouraging them, reading the bible, preparing worship material, organising next terms youth program, organising lifts, talking with parents, checking emails, going to a gig with a good friend...and seeing other good friends there, going on year 8 camp, kayaking, receiving a paddle to the mouth (ouch!), surfing, walking along the great southern ocean beach, cocaling, watching students cook on Tangier's, talking with students about their holiday plans, going on a night walk, getting to know my work colleagues better, watching students try and work puzzles out, seeing young people give things a go, getting stuck in peak hour, hearing Tim Costello speak about the work of world vision, catching up with fellow youth workers, watching talented young people perform in musical, cleaning the house, going to the gym, shopping for food, getting good news...(more about this on Tuesday I hope!) receiving a belated birthday present...spending more time with my family, talking with a stranger about the injustices of this country. 

it's been a full on week but a lot of fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

my place or yours? the top draw

OH FUN! it's Monday again and time to play my place or yours! This weeks theme being "the top draw!" we only technically have 4 top drawer in our whole apartment...but i'll just show two!
This top drawer is in our's pretty much full of my "stuff" so I guess that technically makes it my drawer! (although Mr T pointed out on the weekend...that I have pretty much taken over all 4 drawers in the bathroom! whoops!)

This is the top drawer of my desk, I am really crap with drawers, I pretty much grab what needs to go away and throw it in and shut the draw...I used to be neat as a kid...but not any more! to see more top drawers or to play along pop over to helloowl!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

a very good discovery!

How stoked was I when I saw this in the mall! Adelaide has a kikki K! i discovered this last Monday on my birthday! I saw it before Tim and I pretty much stopped in my tracks and pointed! I don't have to wait til visits to Brisbane or Sydney OR the online store! yeyeyeye!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


To celebrate my birthday (that happened earlier in the week) I decided to have a craftanoon...and afternoon tea to celebrate. 
Some pretty roses, orchids and delicious treats to enjoy
there was badge making...
Meghan was quilting with gorgeous material!

Fiona bought the most craft things with her... beads, sewing machine, stuff to make cushion covers, card making stuff...She was probably the most productive! :)

and there were magazines for inspiration!

It was wonderful to have great friends around to play and have fun! I didn't get much craft done but I have an excellent time! Happy Weekend to you all! x

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my creative space

I was trying to get organised for the pin cushion swap... I have even found a cute little cushion I think my swapping buddy will like very much...BUT alas I have lost the pattern...
Which probably wasn't hard when "my creative space" looks like this! For more creative spaces or to share your creative space head over to here

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my place or yours?...PINK!!!!

I'm a couple of days late BUT heck I am going to play anyway!
My place or yours is back for another week...and this weeks theme is...PINK!!! I thought I wouldn't find any BUT I thought about it for a couple of days and discovered these pink thinks around the house!
a pretty headscarf...probably etching on the side of purple...BUT....
tooth brush...and t-shirt
and a cute coat hanger Mr T's Nanna made for me just before our wedding!
To check out more PINK things and to play along head over to helloowl!

Monday, March 15, 2010

26 secrets...from a 26 year old

when i watch an awards ceremony like the acadamy awards, the arias, logies etc i have an imaginary speech i if it were me winning the award.

i want to be in a movie...just one

the texture of tissues sort of freaks me out

I wish i was left handed

If we have daughters one day I want to call them Josie and Caylin

Tim and I have very different tastes in pretty much everything...including children's names! :)

I think people should automatically get the day off when it's their birthday so they can do some of their favourite things!

I have a tampon phobia

I'm not very good at trying new foods or drinks

The first hot chocolate I drank was when i was in year i can't get enough of them!

fake people really get on my nerves

I'm not very good at saying no

I had a lot of crushes when I was in school!

I want to travel to Dusseldorf...Ich Fahre nach Dusseldorf!

I'm loyal

 I'd love to work part time

I'd really like to be a tattoo artist

but i lack the ability to draw REALLY well!

I'd like to be a drummer in a band

Injustice makes my blood boil

so does physical violence of any kind towards anyone

when i was younger  i wanted to be a hairdresser

then a mechanic

but i actually don't give a stuff about cars!

I chose my uni degree by flipping through the pages a couple of weeks before the application was due

I have an amazing family...but that's no secret

Inspired by little suitcase and elise do you like the new header, made by this talented girly...I've just recently worked downloaded a new format of blogger and I'm still trying to work it out! pardon me while I get up to scratch!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

flee market finds

More sheets for making things with! perhaps a pin cushion for an up coming swap? I told Mr T he needed to get out of the house, so we went and returned a dvd, then he suggested we go to the salvos to see if they had a coffee table...we have been meaning to buy once since we got married...still hasn't happened! we got there just before the closed and i spotted these sheets, even a plain green one was in the bundle! for more pretty flee market finds or to play along head over to her library adventures!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

my place or yours...IS BACK!!!

Hip Hip Hooray! But I am a little slow on the uptake as My place or yours has a new home...AND a new DAY to play!!! So i thought I would play late this week and get into the swing on monday again! The new home is over here.
This weeks theme was self portrait and we were asked to share a little about ourselves!This photo was taken earlier this year for this project
Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm about to turn 26...on monday in fact, I got married in July last year to a very handsome man. I have a wonderful family (parents, in laws, sisters, sisters in law and brothers in law and one very beautiful niece!) We live in adelaide in a concrete jungle but in a suburb very close to the city with nice neighbours. I work for a school and church as a youth worker which I enjoy most days. I enjoy laughing, knitting, talking to friends on the phone, seeing friends in real life, sewing, eating chocolate, watching happy movies and baking! If you'd like to play along head over to Hello Owl!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wednesday wish list

Oh here is some fun for wednesday! All things skating is what I wish for...and perhaps a copy of this DVD for my birthday next week! ;)

Penny at Pocket carnival has the cutest cards...and everything!
I first saw Rori from Gilmore Girls wear this t-shirt when she went to Yale...I just thought of it this afternoon! You can buy one here if you like it too!

Monday, March 08, 2010

flee market finds

I didn't get to play along last week because there was no op shopping for me...AND I was away ALL weekend! work is...well life actually is pretty crazy at the moment! Work, weekend retreats for students, music festivals, camps with year 7s...phew! Today is a public holiday here in Adelaide and so I am enjoying a wonderful day off. Again this week there was no OP shopping for me so I thought I would share something I have had for quite some time...It cost me a whole dollar...and one of my good friends offered...or asked is she could buy it off me cause she liked it so much! I kindly declined! :)
For more flea market finds and to go green with envy with all the pretty things some lovely ladies have found check out here!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

treasure trove

A couple of weeks ago I got to thinking about some old books I had when I was younger! The ones in particular were the Mallory towers series by Enid Blyton and some other titles by her.

When I was at mum and dad's on Monday for dinner I asked mum if she had seen them. She said she hadn't but there were a couple of boxes of mine in the bunker (the outside room). Sure enough when I opened one of the boxes I found the books I had been thinking of! AND I found this book too! Possibly my favourite book when I was in Primary school I read it and re read and re read! and I thought it was gone! But it was found!
In those boxes there was also my little ponies, Polly pockets, some of my clothes when I was a little Lauren, My baptismal dress, shoes, and some ballet costumes! It was fun looking through them and Mum couldn't get rid of the boxes fast enough! Mr T wasn't very impressed with me bringing MORE stuff into the house!

Friday, March 05, 2010

beautiful adelaide

Every once in a while, I am reminded why adelaide is better then just ok! We went to the movies tonight to see Alice...oh my oh my it was fun! We were raising money for the Kalahari trip (a trip students from the school I work at are going to in June/July this year check it out here )

My N a champion of a young bloke organised the fundraiser at the beautiful Capri theatre. Check it out!

possibly my favourite but got a grimace from Mr T...and a comment if you can't eat popcorn at the movies!
Just quietly...I really want that lamp!

Monday, March 01, 2010


and so it begins Bec before her first ever music festival...Dave looks less than impressed and you can tell I am getting old because I wear a broad brimmed hat...that isn't a sombrero!
Jimmy Eat World are INCREDIBLE!!! it was the second time I got to see them live and it was just great, every time i listen to them I wonder why don't I listen to these guys more! they just have a great sound! And they were so good I almost missed...THE ALMOST!!! but I didn't! I did catch their final couple of songs and they were GREAT!
I also got to see HIM, for the second time, I knew almost every song and it was great. I think I over listened to them a few years ago and so took a break. Which was the best thing because their songs sounded fresh again and I really enjoyed it!
Placebo are a band I have wanted to see for about 10 years, Saturday I finally saw them, and it was s worth it! They played my two favourite songs of theirs as well as many other excellent tracks. I also saw Paramore (they were so good I neglected to see Reel Big Fish...but I have seen them 3 or 4 times so I wasn't too sad about it and Paramore were so great!), I saw the Get Up Kids, Anti-Flag (FANTASTIC so much energy), AFI (excellent also) and Alexisonfire...who were probably the most disappointing for the day!

5 things

Dave, Bec and Jek at Soundwave on Saturday...Bec's first festival!

I found this over here and thought I would play!
5 things I am looking forward to:
My birthday, A proper day off, eating chocolate, lunch, seeing alice in wonderland

5 things I did yesterday
drove to longwood, hung out with young people, went to church, had an afternoon nap, ate rose garden...thai! YUM

5 things i wish I could do
say NO, keep the house tidy, crochet, spend more time with my sisters, eat chocolate!

5 places i'd like to travel to
spain, germany, UK, belguim, prague

5 cute things i've found...or been shown on line lately
little pigs eating cake here, crafty ideas for old desk draws here, pretty wall features and crocheted rugs here, friends and their cleverness here, and fun meme's here.