Sunday, June 21, 2009


yeah so i am officially the crappiest video game player of all time...
i got booed off the stage playing beat it! ah which takes on a whole new meaning now! :)

lots of things to blog about...

you know i get these really great ideas on what to blog about when i am out and about and then think i must blog about that, and then time goes by and the moment is passed and then it becomes a bit redundant...well i am going to tell you about some things i have been meaning to tell you!

1. New Kids on the Block (NKOTB)...OK so when i was a kid we used to play at one of the neighbours house on the trampoline and NKOTB was on high rotation. i knew all the words and we loved it. this was the early 90's when east 17 and girlfriend were also part of my music stylings. NKOTB had been far from my mind...FOR a long time until only a couple of weeks ago when i found out they were doing an Australian tour and i was flabbergasted! it was funny! and their name had almost become redundant...because they were no longer the new kids on the block!in fact they had been around since the early 90' that's NOT NEW! ha never the less i was intrigued and i thought just for a joke i would check how much the tickets were going to be for their concert...cause they were actually coming to Adelaide! ....&175..are you it wasn't really a surprise when their tour was cancelled this week...apparently the financial crisis...mmm i think there might be another reason behind it! perhaps the RIDICULAS price of the tickets!

2. sort of similar to the last point GIRLFRIEND...they were a band i used to listen to ALOT! i taped all their songs off of the radio and would make up dances to their songs in my parents lounge room when we were growing up...TODAY i heard one of their songs on the radio...ON THE RADIO....that hasn't happened since 1992 for was funny!

3. Last night i was totally spoilt! i had my hens night and it was a hoot! we had a shared dinner together...and you know when you go to something like that there is one dish that EVERYONE seems to bring...well last night that dish was MINI quiche!!!! it was great! thankfully there were homemade sausage rolls, soup, bread, coleslaw, risotto it was delicious. we had pass the parcel and everyone had to answer questions about me it was fun and i miraculously won the prize at the end! ha a candy bikini know those necklaces you can eat the beads. it's made out of the same things, fantastic! we also had a body shop at home party and i totally got spoilt...i will now own half the body shop at home and smell super sweet!

4. the problem with doing these sorts of posts you start off really gung hoe and then after a few you forget what else you wanted to say...well i did have some other things i wanted...oh just remembered one thing! Today Tim bought guitar hero...he is a bit of a computer and video game lover and he claims that i might actually enjoy playing this game. maybe. but i am CRAP at these things...i claimed i was only good at mortal combat cause you just have to bash the crap out of people, to which Tim replied NO you'd probably be crap against someone who actually knew what they were doing..HA and then he called me a BUTTON MASHER!!! have you ever heard of that's someone that just mashes the in just pushes whatever buttons...i had NEVER heard of that...and the fact he actually had a term for it is beyond's true you learn something new every day...and keep learning new things about your partner!

and now i really have forgotten the other random things i wanted to day i'll just get on the computer when ithink of these things and JUST DO IT!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

16 sleeps...

it is very exciting and very soon til our wedding! i have made lots of lists and i am checking things off day by day. lots of phone calls, emails and conversations to people about things to do and finish! i have been talking to friends who are about to travel to see us and it is so exciting to be seeing them soon. and today i got some super great news. my friend clare who got married last december has been waiting for her visa to go back to the UK so she can be with her husband...and SHE GOT IT last night! after 6 months of waiting, she'll be able to come to our wedding and then be able to go with her husband!

ahh happy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've heard it being said that...

if you can put ikea furniture together without having a huge fight you are doing well! well on Tuesday night Tim and i did well! we have been purchasing new things to deck out our new home. Bed, book case and CD stacks and today a dining suite. the other stuff comes assembled BUT not the Ikea stuff. we did got a little close at the end to tempers flaring, but NO squabbles! we got to put together one CD stack and one of the big cubed our house isn't so empty now!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

I think i get it...

so i have been hearing A LOT about Twlight. Like, you should definitely read the books, you should absolutely watch the movie.
So last night i watched the movie. and it was...pretty good. Jek had watched it earlier in the week and talked it down a bit so it wasn't so hyped, which was good because you know when you hear about a movie and sooooo many people are talking it up and when you actually see it, it's not all it was cracked up to be.

I actually quite enjoyed it, and i think i probably would have enjoyed it a little more if i was a 16 year old girl because the main character...who is a vampire albeit being a bit pale is pretty handsome. the sexual tension between the lead girl and boy...i wanted them to kiss earlier but because the guy is a vampire and "wants to suck her blood!" they didn't! ha

but jokes aside it was an enjoyable movie just a little slow. and it ends so it is SCREAMINGLY obvious there will be more movies, but i think i will wait to have another night in and watch them on DVD.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Badge making heaven

i had a lot of fun yesterday morning...why?
i hired a badge maker from Badge-A-Minit and made badges for our was LOADs of fun and these pictures are proof of our fun labour. Every time i hire a badge maker from there (this was the third time!) i am REALLY tempted to buy one...and yesterday after i was done making the wedding ones...i wanted to make more and lots of different kinds, ones out of great wrapping paper i have saved to re use...old music it was just the best time. I was having a romantic thought of how fun it would be to have a cafe and have different craft groups meeting every week, a knitting corner, a quilters group...a badge making crew, it would be wild! i need to write all my ideas down so that they can someday come to fruition! :)
for future reference i will be buying more components to keep on making more and more and more!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

a great combination

tim and i went to woolies this afternoon and this is what we found...
what a YUMMY combination...i have a feeling i will be eating these more often! go and taste them! :)