Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

A Very Happy Easter to you and yours!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Go Op shopping...

 I was in a funk on Thursday morning. I got up on the wrong side of the bed...I had been thinking I needed to  check out the op shops properly so I took the chance to do it Thursday. I'd been to two just to have a quick look, but there were another two I really wanted to check out...and they did NOT disappoint!
We have been watching How I met your Mother...we borrowed seasons 1-4 from the library and had been working our way through it in the evenings. It makes us laugh and forget our troubles for a little while. We finished them on Wednesday night. And what would I find when I was scouting the Vinnies...season 5 and 6! for $3 each! so great!
And then all these other treats. Head scarf, abacus, wax paper, wool, a tupperware container, a tea cozy, doilies and pillow cases (which may turn into bunting!) It was a good morning...and it set me back $20...that wax paper was 10 cents a roll! I love country op shop prices!

Monday, March 25, 2013

a hug

I read a blog post ...a couple of weeks ago about grief, supporting friends through grief and an idea called afsoarss. Sophie spoke about how in Pakistan there is a word that describes grieving and empathizing with friends it's called "making afsoarss" She said there doesn't seem to be an English equivalent.  The way I understood it is just sitting and being with your friend who is grieving  Not necessarily saying anything just being.  I'd never heard of the word afsoarss before, but the idea of it resonates with me quite strongly in this time as we go through this time not knowing what is going to happen for our bambino

In many ways we are grieving. It's a difficult time for us at the moment. We get different information at different times, we don't know what the future is going to hold for our baby. We have to travel to and fro and we are away from our family and friends. We are meeting new people but we aren't to a point in a relationship when you just know each other and don't have to say anything, people want to say nice things but sometimes they end up being a bit awkward, and they say it because they want to be nice and to make them feel better...or feel like they are doing something to help...does that make sense?

A number of years ago a close friend from high school lost her beloved Dad to cancer. I had lost family friends but not someone close like my Dad. I had no idea what to say to her. So I told her that. I don't know what to say, but if there is anything I/we can do let us know and gave her a hug. She told us what she needed and we did it. You can do that with close friends. It doesn't have to be awkward. You don't have to fill the silence with meaningless words, but just be with each other and comfort, make a cup of tea if that's what they need.

I've got to a point where talking about it is easier but it's still pretty exhausting. It's a time to be and just sit and have a hug.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Things that make you feel cozy...
a great list to as it comes into Autumn. This week actually felt like autumn for a few days ;) We had a late rush of hot days, so it's been pretty summery still. But it was nice to think about all the things that make me feel cozy in preparation. What are some of the things that make you feel cozy?

Friday, March 22, 2013

cute jumpers

I was reading this post a couple of weeks. And saw this very cute jumper. It's from OASAP, which I had never come across before, and I thought with my birthday approaching it would be a lovely present for Tim to buy me for my birthday ;)
It arrived in the post yesterday and it is just lovely. Granted I probably won't be able to wear it until much later in winter...because of my expanding belly but I just could not go past the hearts on the elbows! 
And as something a little special they added in this lovely necklace, which will go very nicely with my new cute jumper.
Have you done any online shopping recently?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

#52lists...Good things to have for Breakfast

This is one of my favourite lists yet

Saturday, March 16, 2013

25 weeks @ 29 years

It was my birthday yesterday...I turned 29...and our bambino turned 25 weeks. I haven't taken a lot of bump photos. For some reason I feel a bit awkward taking them myself, I always seem to get a funny angle, but Tim just couldn't say no to me yesterday so we got some cute ones! 
I had a wonderful day, probably the best I have had in a while. Tim cooked a delicious breakfast (with a lot of the things I included in my #52lists of good things to have for breakfast...which I will post eventually!), I got 3 skype dates in with some very precious people and a lovely day over all.
My sister in law is pregnant with her 4th baby! She lives all the way in QLD and a lovely friend put these photos together of our bumps! I just love it! Thank you Rachel 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

an update on our bambino

Another update on our little bambino...
Hi Friends,
Thank you so much for all the lovely emails, text messages, voicemails, cards etc we have received over the last few weeks. Apologies for the people I haven't got back to via email...I started emailing people back a couple of weeks ago...and it just got too much, but please know we received them and we really appreciate your prayers and love.

We have had a few more appointments since last we emailed. We had the heart Echo and the structure of the heart is pretty "normal" it's more to the middle of the chest which could be caused by a couple of things (smaller lung on the left or diaphragmatic hernia on the right, but they can't be sure) but generally they were happy with the heart. We received some partial results a few days after the successful amnio (on Feb 26th) saying that they had not found indicators for Trisomy 13 or 18. (there were only 2 chromosomes at 13.18 and 21) Which was emotionally confusing, as we didn't know what it meant for life expectancy. That began the waiting game of not really knowing what the heck was going on. We went to Adelaide for a check up with the specialists yesterday (12th March). Hoping the full results of the amnio might shed some light on what was going on. We also met with a Genetics Doctor (Dr Barnett) and Genetics counsellor. Unfortunately the full amnio results didn't show anything else, other then it is not a chromosonal issue.  Dr Barnett told us about another test called an ARAY test (more comprehensive) they can do with the amnio fluid they took, that test is done in Melbourne and hopefully we'll hear something from that in a couple of weeks. But Dr Barnett said it is more than likely we will not know what is going on (have a diagnosis) until bambino is born. He has a list of things is could be due to the abnormalities but he said he'll give that to us after the results come back from the ARAY. It's a probability we'll be meeting with them a bit in the future to talk about implications for future bambinos...but we're putting that to the deal with later pile.

So the crux of it is we don't really know what is going on or what will happen in the future for our bambino. And that it is a wait and see thing...which is tough. So we are taking it day by day. In the ultrasound we had done yesterday bambinos head is measuring a couple of weeks bigger than it should, this is due to the fluid on and in the brain, and they want to keep a close eye on it. On April 2nd we'll go back down to Adelaide and we're booked in for a another ultrasound and an MRI. We're also going to meet with a neonatal doctor to talk about care for bambino post birth and they were talking more along the lines of palative care. 

We're pretty low at the moment but we're enjoying being in our new home and own space, and of course even on the hard days Tim can still make me laugh :) We thank you for your support and would really appreciate your continued prayer support in these coming weeks
Love Loz and Tim

Friday, March 08, 2013

#52 Lists

A couple of really fun lists over the past few weeks...Favourite words. I was reminded by my lovely Clare that I had maybe forgotten a couple, Donnybrook and Doodle Strudel...she was quite right ;) 
And a list from a few weeks ago, favourite flowers. I realised later the light was a bit cruddy on this one, and perhaps red pen wasn't the greatest idea! (So if you find it hard to read my list says; Double sunflowers, Gerberas, Lisianthus, Lavender, Sunflowers, Roses, Poppies, Geraldton Wax, Kangaroo Paw, Oriental Lillies, Protea, Tulips and Ranunculas)
You a list maker? Check out Pip's place for more!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Project 15 #28 Projects...a small vegie patch

Tim and I were very excited about moving into a bigger place...a house with a garden. We talked a lot about planting vegies so that we could eat them! I really wanted to plant Basil because I really enjoy making pesto and I don't know about you, but when you buy Basil from the supermarket you usually don't need to use it all and then it shrivels before you get to use the rest.
So the day after our bad news we went to the local nursery and bought sweet potato, corn. broccoli, carrots, of course the basil and a peach tree. We prepared one of the empty garden beds in our back yard and got to planting. We were a bit nervous they would die because it was pretty hot the first few days after we planted them. But when we got back from Adelaide from our appointments one of the lovely ladies from church had been watering them. The Basil in the pot is going great guns. I'm looking forward to picking some and making some delicious pesto. It's a pretty humble vegie patch but it is fun going out every few days to see how much they have grown...and to see if any caterpillars have been eating the leaves...
Do you have a vegie patch at home? What do you like to grown?

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

14...#28 Projects

I finished this scarf on Monday...while having a very lazy day chain watching Homeland. It was rather wonderful actually. It was relaxing but a bit odd to be crocheting because I felt quite hot...even though I do knit/crochet all year round I do tend to get more "into it" during winter.
(as a side note I got my hair trimmed yesterday and I am quite happy with my'll end up sweeping within the week BUT for now I am happy to say that I would go back!)
My lovely sister showed me how to do this and it ended up being very simple! It took me way longer then it should have...I kept forgetting the stitches I needed to do Ha! But I got into the groove and really enjoyed it. I think I might make another one in grey in a lighter wool.
The only downside that it is quite heavy and I'm not sure how cold it gets here in Whyalla...but we'll see. It is really fun and ticks off number 14 of the 28 projects...half way...and only a week and a half til my birthday...
And I even threaded the end bits in straight away...well the next day and the wool is so thick it took quite a bit of coaxing through the eye...and then I snapped it...whoops! looks like I have a trip to Spotlight to get a new one before the real knitting season starts ;)

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

project 13 #28 Projects

Bunting...I don't think anyone would's awesome! 
It was back here that I was involved in a bunting swap and they arrived in the mail almost 18 months ago...they have been sitting on my desk just waiting to be strung and hung up. 
So I finally got them strung over the weekend and up in our lounge room. Tim gave me the biggest compliment...he said it looked beautiful when I put it up. He said he really loved the different shapes. I do too! 
 I ended up having a bit of extra binding so I added a couple of extra bunts I had from my own stash. I'm very happy with it...and I think it will stay there for a while. And I think I will be making some more bunting in the next couple of weeks, it's so fun :)

Monday, March 04, 2013

project 12/28

Firstly a heartfelt thank you to the beautiful ladies who commented on my last post. Your words of comfort and support are very special to us in this time xx
The night we found out about bambino I started writing a journal... I bought this beautiful book from Kikki K in 2010 when I was working on our 365 project. I originally bought it to put all my photos in...but I quickly learnt that the book was not going to be able to hold all the got pretty fat...and unable to close at around day it went back on the shelf and sat there...
But when the little test had 2 pink lines on it I thought...I think I need to journal through this the old school way and so I got to writing and I have written in it every day since (with the exception of a few days...and then I have gone back and written in what was going on that day). It felt like it was a bit repetitive, like...feeling a bit of nausea today...felt like eating a tomato and cheese toasted sandwich today...boobies are really tender... 
 When we met with one of the midwives after all the heartbreak she said that a lot of couples journal through their time of waiting and seeing about what happens with their baby. She said one lady wrote a book, not to publish but in honour of her baby. So even thought there is a lot more to write these days...and perhaps I would prefer if it was a little more repetitive like baby is doing fine and growing strong...I know I will be glad in the future I started journaling on that night in late October. I already am glad I did.
While this project won't be finished until later this year...late October, it is a very special, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes challenging project.
Have you ever kept a journal for an extended period of time?