Sunday, October 09, 2011

it's arrested development

Have you ever seen this show? Arrested Development? I hated it the first few times I watched it. The characters irritated me big time. But for some reason I got sucked in...I think because my sisters were watching it and I couldn't escape. I ended up really enjoying it and there are some great quotes we pull out every now and then. It only had 3 seasons between 2003 and 2006 and they have been hinting at a movie for a LONG time. Well this past week they...I'm not sure who exactly...I just got a text from my sister telling I guess she announced it that they were making a fourth season to lead up the movie...and the movie!!  I'm rather excited about it!


  1. Arrested Development is awesome!
    Such a weird and funny family. George Michael...Maybe.. too many good bits!

    Hope the movie is good!

  2. One of my favourite shows. So wrong in many ways but so right in many more ways. Excited that it's coming back.


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