Thursday, January 04, 2007

misc a laneous

hi all hi all!

man life has been busy and fun!

quick recap.

christmAS fantastic . ate a lovely lunch with mum dad and me sisters.

new years millicent in the south east of south australia. got breath tested the second time ever! it was some really nice messages..a couple from people i have no idea who they were...lost my phone earlier in the i mean LAST year! so got a phone call from a mate in Brisbane who was thinking he was calling his cousin and when i said i didn't have a cousin Ben he that hurts!

OK so tomorrow i am going on a road trip with 7 young people from church up to QLD. i am very excited. i had my last shift at the choc bean for a few weeks and said bye to Erin who is moving back to QLD...anyway we are going up and stopping along the way and i am really excited about showing the champs some places i have come to be quite fond of.

OK so i am getting WAY tooo excited about the BigDayOut. i was listening to the killers before with my dad and he was impressed and he was considering coming to the Adelaide one! hehehehe ahh man and i get to see them twice and tool and muse ahhh man i am tooo excited i have got a lot ot be excited and look forward to!

OK so the best news last night NOFX are doing a show in Adelaide i am STOKED to say the least...anyone who wants to come...Feb 23rd...or something it's a Monday night anyway!
the photo is me on new years being a bit silly...with the pink mink...a wine i tasted in the barrosa with some cracker friends frombris brad and di and di's sister and as it turns out my year 6 prac teacher and her husband! first wine tasting experience ever! and i actually bought a few bottles...just when you thought you knew me!
so for now it's good bye and when i get back you'll hear of my tales
good night