Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kustom Kulture

You've seen the hair...now for the actual party! So we got a bit confused and thought there was going to be a pin up parade...that was happening on the Sunday! What we did get was....fun rockabilly bands...
People rock and roll dancing...oh man I wish I could move like that! It was so fun to watch...and it was clear they were having a good time too! 
 There were people getting tattooed! This was very cool to watch...but I wouldn't have liked to have been that lady! I would have felt too self conscious! 
It was good to spend some time with my sisters and mumma. We also got to see some really cool art, another really fun band, and there were a few store holders around the room with lots of pretty bags, clothes, cds, other such fun...mum even bought a cute pair of shoes.
I had a good time!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

she did make it look easy!

So I gave it a go ladies...and it actually worked! I had to have a few practices before the real deal...and go back and watch the bit about the fringe/ bangs like 5 times...and my hair is a good double the length of the girls in the video...so it was a bit difficult to begin with... 
but it worked! 
 a nice side view..
I took the back part down when I got home but kept the top bit in and wore it to church this morning...partly because I didn't have time to get up and wash my hair and partly cause it still looked OK! (the photo is pretty cruddy though!)We went to the shops and 2 ladies in the jewellery shop commented how much they liked it! :)
Verdict: definite winner...can't wait til my next rockabilly/rock and roll/ 50's night so I can fix my hair like this again! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Victory curls for a modern day pin up

When I was younger I used to love trying new hair do's...on myself and other people! As I got older...I've gotten lazy but tonight I'm heading with my sisters to this...so I gotta try some victory curls! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

recipes for pancakes

A couple of weeks ago I shared that we had pancakes for dinner for Shrove Monday...I mean Tuesday and I was asked to the post the recipes...How remiss of my not to post them then and there!
So Pancakes with Strawberry sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Cut up as many Strawberries as you want
Add a dash of lemon juice
and a heck load of sugar...
put on the stove let it bubble and stew...until the strawberries have started to break down a bit and got warm
serve on your favourite plain pancakes...
Japanese Pancakes
quarter of a cabbage
half an onion
tin of corn (300 grams)
4 eggs
2 cups of plain flour
3/4 cup of water (gradually add more if you need it)
1-2 cups of cheese
200- 270 grams bacon
slice cabbage finely, add bacon and plain flour and water, mix everything else in
to cook dollop a little bit of butter in the pan
scoop a spoonful out into the pan and flatten with your egg flip! 
cook to golden

bacon and cheese optional
the ones we ate had cheese but not bacon...we have vegetarians in the family!
I hope you enjoy and let me know if you give them a go!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

27 @ 27

So I really enjoy reading this lovely ladies blog. And when she turned 23 she made a list of things she wanted to achieve that year...she did it for when she turned 24 and 25. And then she made a really lovely book to document the things she had accomplished on the list. So I got thinking about that. And on some of our long train rides across Europe this Christmas I came up with my own list...my 27 @ 27. Now that we are done with daily click/ 365 I was looking for a project that is a long term one! And after giving a mini books ago I really enjoyed putting them together...and thought I can put this together in that way too. Elise inspired me with the mini book too. She's pretty crafty! It would be cool to meet her one day! maybe in my dreams!so here goes...(and the list has changed slightly since that train trip)
1. Knit something other than a scarf
2. Get a new tattoo
3. Go on a picnic to a place I've never had a picnic at before
4. Go for a walk at Morealta falls
5. Organise a girls weekend
6. Have a pedicure and/or bikini wax (not at the same time!)
7. Put a collage together of our trip to Europe
8. Expand and diversify my etsy shop
9. Get business cards
10. Decorate/ organise our spare room
11. Write letters to 10 people
12. Make a long distance call to someone once a month (excluding family...it would be too easy otherwise! I'll still call the family but others as well!)
13. Have a market stall again
14. Be assertive
15. Go see a foreign film
16. Play the drums
17. Host a holiday dinner
18. Read Anne Frank's Diary...and the chronicles of Narnia
19. Wear skirts and dresses more often
20. Buy homemade/ second hand
21. Go to the theatre
22.Go on regular dates with Tim
23. Sew something
24.Get a social work job
25. organise a craft swap (or be involved with one)
26. surprise someone
27. buy some herbs and grow them
We'll see here how we go...watch this space for progress over the year! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

last Tuesday

apparently the only "decent" photo from the day of me the birthday girl!
Last Tuesday I turned 27...
I took the day off work and played with Sez who was visiting from QLD.
We went into the city and went to some of my favourite shops
I bought shoes
...with mum and dad's money!
I ate chocolate and drank a hot one too
We ate sushi for lunch and one of my sisters joined us
we had good chats
we learnt some sad things too
I opened presents...a fair few with lovely things inside
actually I was spoilt!
we ate dinner in the park and then had pie for dessert at our place.
it was a wonderful day....I think 27 is going to be a ripper year

Saturday, March 19, 2011

and now for positive polly! and gratefuls

I'm a pretty positive person and so I really need to counteract that negativity...STRAIGHT AWAY!! :)
last weekend these lovely people had a wedding in Adelaide...which means they got to stay with us and play! oh it was wonderful!
 Tim found a new chocolate shop that opened JUST DOWN THE STREET FROM US!!! oh my I visited it with the lovely Sez...and then again this morning with Tim...they guy must have remembered me...he gave me a discount!
 I laughed so hard I started wheezing...
 big beach balls for people to go inside and then play on top of water = lots of laughs! 
we went on a picnic on monday to enjoy the long weekend and some family fun.
We had dinner with a couple of lovely people that we haven't hung out with much as a couple but who Tim knew from his home church in Brisbane. They have a really cute little boy, who melted our hearts with his smile! We enjoyed a wonderful night and we'll be doing it again soon I hope!

When I am feeling bummed, cranky whatever it doesn't take me long to think of all the blessings I have and all the things to be grateful! For more mood lifters head over to Maxabella loves

Where to start?...the negative nancy part

Things don't always work out the way you plan. I'd planned to do a bunch of posts the last week or so to get up to 400 post and do a give away...I've lost steam and it'll probably be another few weeks before it happens...
I've had lots of days "off campus" at different PD days, Year 9 challenge days, days off just because (birthday and interstate friends...more on that later!), public holidays, sports day! And because of all the days "away" the task orientated part of my job seems to be far behind. We had our school fair last night where I coordinated 2 stalls with a bunch of students and an awesome teacher. One was on a chocolate fountain stall. There was chocolate left over which I am very likely to eat after I finish this... but during the day I locked my keys in the car, got stressed and just wanted to shake a few teenagers awake.

We didn't do any washing for about 2 weeks and so I almost ran out of undies...almost. And now today 5 loads will have to be done. Tim started at a different church for his study which will probably affect me more as the year goes on but it is what it is.

I'm in a real funk today...I'm tired and over crabby...maybe it's the clipsal that's doing it to me....
I'll be back later to share the positive polly side...and birthday fun....I did have a birthday this week and it was a truly wonderful day!
and maybe it's just I'm over being so crazy busy...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

shrove tuesday on a monday

My sister wanted to do a pancake dinner on Shrove Tuesday...but we all had stuff on...so we did it Monday night instead!
Savoury Japanese pancakes...delicious
blueberry pancakes...plain pancakes and strawberry sauce made from scratch...even more delicious! I went and played netball after this...not such a good idea after all the deliciousness!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

16 or 17...I can't remember

Soundwave was today...I survived! It marked my 16th or 17th music festival...I think!
I enjoyed skanking to MXPX and the Ataris...they always put me in a good mood. Other highlights were Pennywise and Millincolin. Good times...now it;s time for bed!

Friday, March 04, 2011


 I'm grateful that it is Friday...it's been a busy week
 I am grateful for stunning surprises in the post! I won a give away back in October (through blogtoberfest) from this lovely lady blogger...and it showed up in the post today! All the way from France...just in time for autumn!
I'm grateful for saturdays, sleep ins and soundwaves
get a bit of grateful into you and head over to Maxabella loves...
xx have a lovely weekend xx

it's unearthly

mad march is here in radalaide

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

today i wish...

we could get a big white fluffy dog...
and that it wouldn't make me sneeze
I saw one of these in my travels today...and he/she was oh so friendly and oh so cute...but I did get sneezy and had to take an anti histamine!