Saturday, December 23, 2006


on monday afternoon i took a big bite out of a 127 gram bit of chocolate and the bite weighed 34 grams. i made a hot chocolate in 1 minite 3 seconds, ate 14 heaps spoons of melted chocolate in 1 minute and bobbed for strawberries...


cause we had a choc off at the chocolate bean...i won the biting comp and came 4th over all! it was a fun day! and i got a good secret Santa present too. a voucher from Midwest trader store. sweet.

if i stopped fart arsing and got a digital camera i would have photos to share...but i am waiting on some from a lovely work mate! you'll see them in the new year!

which brings me to my next point...

may your Christmas be a happy and healthy one and your new year be one of exciting new adventures and fun! and please enjoy a nap on Christmas day or boxing day...or BOTH!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jo Jo Schamadaboo

this is jek's very cute God daughter Johanna. There was a playgroup break up today for the playgroup at church. Jo was dressed in a little santa suit...and Father Christmas even came!
She's pretty precious!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

photo documentation

Last night a group of us now dubbed the "Catherine Court Crew" drove to the barrosa to celebrate with Chelsea at her 21st Birthday party. The theme was happily ever after and i went as a pixie and jek was queen of the fairies. it was a really good party, catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. we got home after 2am and during the night i was drinking some water and obviously didn't put the cap back on the bottle cause i awoke in a pool of liquid...because i was in a sleepy daze i thought it was something else...but no just water. Chelsea looked beautiful in a lovely pink gown and she was the belle of the ball! it was wonderful to be there and to celebrate. hope tuesday is a great day for you too Chels! xxx
Jek and I went to a Bogan's and Ballerina's Party last weekend. Thanks Sarah for inviting us and having your birthday so that we could enjoy dressing up like complete bogan's...literally! it was a great party and we enjoyed hanging out with a lot more bogans oh and ballerina's too! after that party we went to a break dancing comp to see a mate break dance...unfortunately we arrived late and missed him but still saw some very talented dancers!

all the mcnicol girls at the confirmation. Jek, Bek, Courty and Loz. 26th November 2006

well that's some photos...there are a few more but dial up is so FREAKIN slow and i am hungry for dinner. however quickly today there was an ordination in the Lutheran church. 5 or 6 guys were ordained as Lutheran ministers at Concordia Chapel. Niki my new house mate, her brother was ordained and so there was much exictement.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

catching the ball with my shin

so...i wasn't entirely embarrassed when i played the staff v students game! however i did miss a ball that got thrown to me and then it connected with my really hurt and there was swelling. and now there is a reasonable bruise.

and i didn't even get out for a golden duck...i got one run! i was pretty stoked!

we had a carols night at school last night and it was pretty sweet. some of the grade 12's came back for it which was nice cause they have been done for a few weeks now. and i got the chance to hang with some of the students afterwards. there are some talented kids at their school and it's such a blessing to be working with them and to get to know them. Julian announced that it's a month to the QLD road trip which is pretty exciting. we are taking 8 young people up to QLD for two weeks this summer. it is going to be a fantastic time to get to know them, share in devotion and have a really fun time in the process. Eug and I have contacts up there and so we are pretty excited anyway to be going back and seeing some old mates! i think the most exciting part is that the YP are so excited about it

my back is heaps stiff

i bought contemplative youth ministry today...i heard about it earlier in the year so i bought it so mum can give it to me fr christmas i'm looking forward to reading it.

the last cd's i bought were darren hanlon fingernails and mountain tops, the killers latest and kashmir curse of being a girl...check them ALL out!

and finally i ran most of ward street today to catch a bus....the driver saw me started tooting the horn and waved me over...and said mate i would have stopped for you back at the last lights...i was happy he stopped for me, he was a friendly fellow! kudos to that bus driver!

Monday, December 04, 2006

the concordia ashes

well today is the day...i resurrect my cricket career...

it's been mmm what about 8 years since i have played cricket in a competition i played in grade 8 and 9 in high school and before that i had the best average of bowling for our year 5 kanga cricket team...i mean i have played since then but the stakes have been much lower...

today is the day of the annual staff v students cricket match and i am playing...11 batter and the mystery bowler we'll see how it goes...