Tuesday, October 25, 2011

farewell class of 2011

photo taken a few days ago...today was infact their last day! before exams!
how did this year go by so quick?
It doesn't feel like very long ago since I farewelled the class of 2010!
I've known some of these students since they started school in 2006...as little year 7's. I once was taller than them...now...well they have left me for dead. I've come to know many ace young men and woman. Some are talented at sport, some at music, some at public speaking, some at speaking German, some at writing, some at being a good listener, some that are resilient, some who are passionate about justice. The list could go on and on. 
It has been indeed a joy (and sometimes it has been challenging too!) to see these young men and woman grow and develope and change into the young adults that they are today. There is a special valadictory dinner tonight to celebrate before it's time to knuckle down for exams.
Thanks for the good times class of 2011, may you have clarity for your exams and we'll see you on the other end!

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