Sunday, November 27, 2011

the last of the bunts

I've been meaning to post this for yonks...but with my blog hangover and leaving my camera in several places I never got around to it! My final bunts have went waylaid but I got 19 in the end and I love them all. These final ones are from the lovely Yaga, Christina, Cyndy, and Julie. Thank you all!
It was a great swap to be involved in! It's definitely made me think about giving bunting to everyone! I made some for a friend who is expecting a baby. And my sister in law asked me to make some for some cutie pies. It's so easy and fun to make!

Friday, November 25, 2011


it's these little ladies birthday today! 19...obviously this photo is a little old...circa 1993...or so
we missed their 18th last year because we flew overseas the day before...
it has been a real joy to see them grow from these cute (and at the time I sometimes thought annoying) bubbas to the beautiful ladies they are today.
Rebecca Maree is a thoughtful and sensitive lass who is a loyal friend. She can also hold her own, she knows when things aren't quite right, in a justice sense and in a "are you ok" sense. She also can not decide which colour her hair should changes quite regularly! But I like that, it keeps you guessing! She also really likes the on-line store Lucy in the sky...and that is where a lot of her pocket money is spent. She's also a bit of a metal fan.
Courtney Rachel is a motivated and organised little lady. She has a stress streak in her and so get's her assignments for uni done well in advanced. She also has a fiery and fiesty streak in her too. (which I love!) She also knows something about justice- when something isn't fair. (perhaps that has something to do with having siblings you learn that!? or you learn when injustice occurs!). She can spot an op shop bargain from a  mile away and has interesting tastes in shoes and table conversations!
These two are a couple of the best. At times they have seriously peeved me but as we get older and know each other (and don't live in the same house) we have fun together.
Happy birthday beautiful girls!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

grateful for surprises

but unlike the picture suggests, they were good surprises! Some of which I outlined on Tuesday!
We had a visit from some special friends passing through back to WA, they popped in one night and then we got have breakfast with them and their little bub. It was lovely.
A lovely friend is pregnant. It's very ace news! That takes it up to about 8 ladies I know who are for shiz up the spout and don't just have a food some of us ;)
I think I am particularly grateful for these happy surprises at this time when life is a bit hectic and chaotic.
For more grateful love head of here 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hung over?

...I think I have a bit of a hang over from Blogtoberfest...and Frocktoberfest...and perhaps life
I can't seem to get on the bloggy band wagon again,. Over the weekend I went to blog but couldn't find my camera...but I remembered that I had had it in my office earlier that day, so though oh well I'll just do that post another time. When I went to work this camera wasn't where I thought I left it. I thought it might have been stolen, but then I went and checked my work bag had been there all the time. I must have gone blind over the weekend or something?
In the last few weeks life has thrown some curve balls (one such curve ball being a parent from school dying)
but some good balls too (engagements, news of new babies, surprise visits from friends)
I resigned from my job...which is a good thing! It's time for a change and I am very excited about the change and people have been very supportive and excited for me and Tim.
But now a lot of spare time is being used for job applications! :)

I'm going to try for the simple life the next few weeks...we'll see how we go!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

E for Ethel

There is a super cute cafe in our suburb, just opened 8 weeks ago! I went and visited yesterday and bought a birthday present for my sissys. It is a lovely space with gifts and coffee. And the owner is super lovely! Like the kind of lady and cafe you want to be first name basis with! :) So if you are in the Adelaide area...go and visit E for Ethel on Melbourne Street. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

frocktober round up...

 Thursday 27th- this is one of my favourite skirts...I can wear it with the blue at the front...or the brown at the front! Bit fun! Bought from Irving baby
 Friday 28th- I have had this dress for so long I forget when I got it...but it's definitely from the Op shop!
 Saturday 29th- I got this dress from a clothes swap...I felt a bit overdressed at the camp I was at to begin with....
 Sunday 30th- This is one of my favourites! It's a maiocchi dress...I love it! Clare got me on to them...I've been googling Adelaide stockist! Luckily there are a few!
Monday 31st October! LAST day of frocktober! I bought this baby out again! it was a little chilly so went for the dress jeans combo! It's been fun wearing my frocks...and I am determined to bring them out more often from now on!