Monday, December 28, 2009

signing off for a bit...

Top of the afternoon to you all! We find ourselves in Brisbane resting and having fun with the Spilsbury clan. We are here for a couple of weeks and we are going for a family holiday next week which is going to be great! The only problem is I'm not sure how to add photos etc on this computer...I'm a bit computer dumb really. But we will be back online in mid January after we come back from a Melbourne road trip.

In the New year Anna, Rachel and I...and whoever wants to join have set ourselves a challenge to take a photo each day...I understand of something we are thankful for! so there will be many photos to come!

Happy Belated Christmas and a Very blessed and Healthy New Year to you all and we'll be back soon! xx

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BIG taboo...

This is bendy Bob!
K, N and S came over for dinner on Saturday night and they bought BIG taboo with them! IT WAS SO FUN! sort of like has a mix of regular taboo, drawing (like pictionary) a part you can only use 15 words to explain the words to your partner in regular taboo style AND a part where you need to use bendy bob to act out the word on your card....

It was girls against boys...the boys won...just! It was a great night!

Monday, December 21, 2009

my place or yours? the ME wardrobe

This weeks my place or yours theme is the ME wardrobe..or what is your favourite item of clothing at present?
This cardy would have to be my fave thing in my wardrobe at the moment. I got it from an op shop probably over a year ago now for $2...everything at that OP shop is $2 except for winter's awesome. This cardy is good when it is a little chilly and you need more then a t-shirt on. But if I put a long sleeved top on underneath it is quite warm in winter too!
Unfortunately because I've worn it many is developing a few holes! that are quite noticeable...some people have commented...BUT it is so comfy and it goes with everything! Thanks to Sandra at for this weeks theme!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas frivolity

Today we had a Christmas craft and cooking morning at work! I put a notice in our weekly bulletin at church and said bring some ingredients and we'll have some fun! Last year we made honey biscuits and ended up with about 200 between 4 people! It was LOTS of laughs! o we stuck to the same recipe and made some apple and walnut scones too. I was kicking myself because I forgot to take my camera but here are some of the finished product.

We had a small group there, and it was fun! A mum from our church bought her three children along and the older two were awesome helpers with needing and cutting the biscuits out! Jacob made a Christmas sausage out of the mix...which reminded me of Mr Hankie! from south park...I stopped my self from saying that because I knew there would be a lot of questions to follow, they had to leave before the icing process so I told him I would bring some photos to show on Sunday!Miss Y, T and S did an awesome job icing I think!
Ah Bliss. Frankie has arrived just in time for the weekend! I wondered whether she would arrive or not but just before i went to work i heard the posty and there she was sitting pretty!
Happy weekend everyone! xx

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A fun week so far...

This week has been really great so far! We have had interstate visitors see exhibit A and B! :)
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
I finally got a Christmas order in the post
A VERY CLEVER friend sent a parcel containing a present for a cute baby I know (again see exhibit A and B) AND a present for me! oooo

I got to have an extra day and a half to play, and because people wanted to see Anna and Belle I got to see those friends and family TOO!! fun fun fun! not to mention yummy hot chocolates, weird movies and yummy treats...
and it's only Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

she's tooo cute!

we've been hanging out with this precious girl!

and her pretty mum!
She's so active and playful and I am so slow in getting the camera out when she's giving a big toothy grin!I've been walking around with her in a cool sling. It's fun to play Aunty.

Monday, December 14, 2009

my place or yours?...just five minutes peace

This week's my place or yours is fun...and easy! Our apartment is...on the small side...tiny even, but this is where I get five minutes peace on this beautiful comfy couch! It's been mentioned before in "my place or yours!" when I get home from a tiring day of work I can even blob and watch some deal or no deal...but only the last few minutes cause any more of Andrew O'Keefe and I feel like topping myself. Or I can lay on my back and close my eyes for a few moments without one of my shoulders falling off the side...and it is long enough for my feet not to touch the end! There is also great light there because it is next to a window for Christmas card writing, knitting, badge making...well I do that on the floor in front of the couch!
Thank you to Pilgrim for the fun theme this week...check her out. at.. and to see more people playing along check out

Monday, December 07, 2009

cuite pa toutie

Yey! Anna and Isabelle are in the same state as us! We got to see them quickly at the airport this morning when they arrived for a kiss and a cuddle before they went to the Barossa to see Anna's Mum and Dad! They will be staying with us for a couple of nights and I am sure there will be a lot of fussing over this little cutie!
Tim even had a cuddle!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

my place or yours? where you hang your hat.

This weeks theme queen is Tania at Myrtle and Eunice...this is what she has to say
What are the treasures in your house that signify ‘home’? Is there anything that reminds you of a childhood, a life overseas, a loved one? Is there a blanket you always curl under, a teapot that brews the perfect cuppa? Do you have a ‘Droopy Dog’ like that one above – a twelfth birthday present who fits perfectly in the crook of a sleeping kid’s arm and who may or may not have ventured to Europe in a backpack, ahem, three times?

I have moved... 9 times in my life, 7 have been in the last 8 years! The last time I moved was in with Tim when we got married and it was hard to get all of our (or maybe just all of mine) things in one unit...some things ended up in the shed and some at the op shop. But here are some of the things that make me feel like I am at home.
Whenever I am some place new, photo of preciouss people...usually ones that are far away are put up for me to see and enjoy! This little creature my sister Courtney made for me when she was in...year 1 or 2. She gave it to me and he sits on my desk nearly went out in the discard pile this move. BUT I just couldn't do it. He's so cute and Courty was so little when she made him with her own two little hands!

I've had this money box as long as I remember! It's not so much just the money box itself but it's the memories behind it. Days of being a kid in Perth. It's so ugly that it's beautiful...if that even makes sense! And I just can't bring myself to get rid of it!
Hope you enjoy this week, check out for more people playing along!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

oh tananbaum

This Christmas will be the first one that Tim and I are together for the entire day! Actually It'll be the first time we will be in the same state together for the entire day! Very exciting! We purchased our first Christmas tree on the weekend and chose some baubles each! It was pretty fun in the end...even though we have different taste on EVERYTHING!! but it came together and now we have a very handsome tree sitting in our living room! now just to have some presents nestled underneath will top it all off! Happy December everyone!