Tuesday, March 22, 2011

27 @ 27

So I really enjoy reading this lovely ladies blog. And when she turned 23 she made a list of things she wanted to achieve that year...she did it for when she turned 24 and 25. And then she made a really lovely book to document the things she had accomplished on the list. So I got thinking about that. And on some of our long train rides across Europe this Christmas I came up with my own list...my 27 @ 27. Now that we are done with daily click/ 365 I was looking for a project that is a long term one! And after giving a mini books ago I really enjoyed putting them together...and thought I can put this together in that way too. Elise inspired me with the mini book too. She's pretty crafty! It would be cool to meet her one day! maybe in my dreams!so here goes...(and the list has changed slightly since that train trip)
1. Knit something other than a scarf
2. Get a new tattoo
3. Go on a picnic to a place I've never had a picnic at before
4. Go for a walk at Morealta falls
5. Organise a girls weekend
6. Have a pedicure and/or bikini wax (not at the same time!)
7. Put a collage together of our trip to Europe
8. Expand and diversify my etsy shop
9. Get business cards
10. Decorate/ organise our spare room
11. Write letters to 10 people
12. Make a long distance call to someone once a month (excluding family...it would be too easy otherwise! I'll still call the family but others as well!)
13. Have a market stall again
14. Be assertive
15. Go see a foreign film
16. Play the drums
17. Host a holiday dinner
18. Read Anne Frank's Diary...and the chronicles of Narnia
19. Wear skirts and dresses more often
20. Buy homemade/ second hand
21. Go to the theatre
22.Go on regular dates with Tim
23. Sew something
24.Get a social work job
25. organise a craft swap (or be involved with one)
26. surprise someone
27. buy some herbs and grow them
We'll see here how we go...watch this space for progress over the year! :)


  1. Oh Yay! I have been thinking about doing something similar to this after reading Nicole's (@pink loves brown) 30 before 30 - which actually applies to me this year! Mind if I join you?

    Your list is great - I love the wear more dresses and skirts one. Hope to see pictures!

  2. I have given some thought to compiling a similar list...there are a couple on your list that interest me :)

  3. yay, your list sounds great. would love to see some pics too ♥


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