Sunday, January 31, 2010

new project

So I was getting all into cleaning out my cupboard. A flash of urgency came across me "Lauren clean out your cupboard get rid of clothes you never wear". I did pretty well until I got to my band shirts. Some are still in high rotation in my wardrobe, some have been hanging on the same hanger for quite some time. Sometimes because they are pretty worn, sometimes cause they are a little...tight! BUT for the life of me I just could not bring myself to get rid of them, call me sentimental but these shirts have great memories attached to them. See Thursdays post for example! :) Particularly the top one in this picture! It was my first Livid and I have a distinct memory of sitting around the dinner table at home and my then...9 or 10 year old sister asked me what the bin on my shirt was for, she quickly answered her own question by it to put satan in! priceless!So I was lamenting this fact to another sister and she said why don't you make a band shirt blanket!! HUZAAHHHH what a wicked idea! That way I still get to keep the shirts but make them into something a little more functional for my needs now days! And it means I get a few hangers spare in my wardrobe! So here are 10 I took out that I don't wear very often...and let me tell you there are still at least 10 still in the wardrobe being warn! So with Jek's help hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be creating a great blanket! Very excited to see the results!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My place or yours? me your shoes!

Show us your shows is what Punky asked us to do this week! Here are most of my's funny I didn't realise I had so many! A lot of them get stuffed in the back of the cupboard after a while. I go through phases where I'll wear a particular pair non stop! Usually that's my Doc's in winter...which I have had since I was 14...nearly 12 years!
These however are my faves! Comfy Birkenstocks. They are a bit hot for summer but toasty in the winter with a pair of socks. People always comment on them. I think they are pretty ace! Check out Punky for other people who are playing along this week!
PS after 3 and something years of blogging i have FINALLY worked out how to do the clever link thing! :) haruhhh! happy Saturday everyone! xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

moving on?

From 2003 to 2008 I attended the Big Day Out. In 2007 I was greedy and went to two! I loved them! Mum and Dad would buy me my ticket for Christmas and it was sweet. I remember the first year I went we travelled from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast, which in a bus (which we did) took over 5 hours. It was the best day! I remember seeing Milliencolin, Deftones, WAIKIKI, and the highlight being Foo Fighters. It was a memorable day and we got into Bundaberg at 5am the following day. Needless to say I didn't go to work that day. I remember my feet and legs being so sore and achy but it was the best feeling! I've been able to see bands I'd hung out to see, Foo Fighters, Tool, Queens of the stone age, The Music, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Rage against the machine and many many more!

I've waited in line to enter the D barrier, waited in toilet lines and gotten really sun burnt all in the name of music. I always left with sore feet, a sore throat but being totally satisfied at seeing bands I really liked.

In the past couple of years the line up just haven't sparked my attention. When I didn't go last year I regretted it a bit...and now that the Adelaide Big Day Out is tomorrow I feel a bit sad, like it is an end of an era for me. NO i refuse to say I am getting old! I claim my taste in music has changed...or maybe it hasn't... the Big Day Outs has!

Anyway to anyone going tomorrow have a rad day and enjoy the cooler weather! All I have to say bring on Soundwave! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My place or yours...what are you reading

My place or yours has a new home! Check out if you want to play along! This week is the first week back for the year and it is perfect timing because I was half thinking about doing a blog about this book I started reading last night. I finished a collection of interviews and started this, my sister lent it to me.
It's a true story about a woman who fled the Fundamentalist Church of The Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So far it is really interesting, challenging and opening my eyes to how ignorant I have been towards other relgions, cults etc, this one in particular. I'm not very far through but I think it is going to be one that will be hard to put down! If you want to join in with the theme this week check out Punky and me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

only one photo can often be hard!

So I have been doing the 365 project, one photo a day for one year. Take a photo of something you are thankful for, or inspired by, something you like...or something that has challenged you. Most days I find I am taking more than one! BUT I can only choose one for the daily click...and this blog can have the other fun ones from time to time! And maybe as time goes by I'll get better at narrowing it down...I think maybe it just shows there is lots to be thankful for and most days there will be more then one thig!
Can you see what I see! This made me smile!

Our delicious dinner tonight! It was huge, it was yummy and I really loved having the salad! (Tim had curry as a side instead! :))

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

getting a dose of Vitamin D

Today has been a wonderful day. Last night I said to Tim we are getting out of the house tomorrow. No more computer games for a bit and we'll go and enjoy each others company! The day started with a nice chat with my sister in law and then we decided we would drive up to Hahndorf in the hills and have a walk and visit a pretty shop! When we arrived there were lots of cars, people and bikes...the tour down under was in Hahndorf for the day so it was very busy on the streets!
I visited Storison and found out it is actually changing hands at the moment. I met the new owner and she was a nice lady, I hope we can visit there again soon...perhaps just after pay day and not just before! :)
I resisted from buying evrything and settled on this pretty stationary...Poppies for Grace
We then went to the fruit market just outside of Hahndorf and I saw this!
I have never seen yellow watermelon before! How fun I wonder what it tastes like. I guess I will have to wait til next time. We then travelled down the hill and enjoyed some lunch and visited this book store.
And since being home I have had a little afternoon nap and taken the Christmas tree down To make room for the Australia Day Bunting!

I hope you got to enjoy some Vitamin D today and have had a Wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

How many signs is too many?

On our recent road trip we stayed in some Lutheran church halls and enjoyed it very much. We were very blessed to stay in these halls because it meant the cost of the trip was kept down and we also got to meet some fellow brothers and sisters from these churches. At one of the churches we stayed in there were lots of signs in the hall...13 in total instructing visitors of different things to do and NOT to do! Here are some of my favourites!
What was especially funny about this one was that pretty much the exact same sign appeared on the bin right next to the toilet in the same cubicle that this sign featured
This one was funny too...because there were 3 of them...on the same wall
...except for collingwood caps?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

catch up No. 3!

Almost to the end of catching up on 365 photos...and soon they wont appear here every day but over at the clever Rachel has set up a new blog for us (Anna, Rach and me) to put our photos up! so that is pretty fun!
Photo 11...THE BIG KOALA. This had to be the photo of the day because of Yannie's reaction when she saw it from the bus! It was classic!Here we are being tourists and taking a photo in front of it. It adds to the big things I have seen....the big Banana, big pineapple, the big Guitar, the big Rockinghorse...what big things have you seen around Australia!?

Photo 12 I am having some trouble with loading it...stay tuned!

Photo when photo 12 appears it will be a lot like photo 13...I can't help it there are so many great CHOCOLATE cafes in Melbourne! Here Tali and I shared a fondue for two...marshmallows, strawberries, banana, banana bread...which was the best in the dark hot chocolate!
Photo 14...I want to see these guys when they come to Australia in a couple of months...and I probably will because they are actually coming to Adelaide!

We travelled the great ocean road and there were ALOT of photos to chose from for day 15...when we arrived to Portland there was a carnival in town and we seriously had the BEST raspberry jam filled donuts ever! I think I will be dreaming about them for a while! so there's 3 photos for day 15!
Photo 16...there is no place like home and no bed like your own, when you have been away for a few weeks or even a few days it's always good to sleep in your own bad again!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

catch up number 2!

Hooray we are back at home after a wonderful, yet tiring week in Melbourne with 10 other people (predominately teenagers!) Here is an update for 365 of photos before our trip and tomorrow I think will be this weeks photos! Eventually I will be near a computer every day and be able to load the photos each day! And not have to do ridiculas long catch up posts! This first photo is photo 1...a good start to the new year my first hot chocolate!
Photo 7 breakfast at pipi's on the sunshine coast... we had to wait a while so I was thankful when it came!

Photo 8: The Spilsbury clan at the end of our awesome holiday!
Photo 8...Mr and Mrs Minge....Euge and Nix on their wedding day, which got to 43 degrees!!! AHHH and the boys had their suit jackets on the whole service!wow! it was an awesome service and a great party afterwards...a very worthy 365 contribution! Here are the happy couple

Photo 10...Horshem Lutheran Church. I was VERY happy to arrive here on Sunday evening after a stinking hot day in a bus with 12 people...with VERY average air con! but we made it and their hall had airconditioning!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more catch up and tales of melbourne! xx

Saturday, January 09, 2010

catch up and stuff...

So Anna, Rachel and I were embarking on the 365 project. Just before the new year struck, Jek and Rebecca also decided to join us! so here is a catch up of the last few days of 365!
This is technically photo minus 1...taken for the 31st December, Anna and I made these DELICIOUS brownies with a Donna Hay brownie mix...they looked so good on the table so had to take this snap!(They also taste Phenomenal!)
Photo 2: Our beautiful holiday house at Kawana! Pool, Spa, Kabanna shed...air con, data projector to watch movies on the big screen! TOTALLY FUN!
Photo 3: Cute shoes for the cutest feet!
Photo 4: Noddy...the little man in the red and yellow car. Rebecca pointed this out at the shops!
Photo 5: reading my book with Belle!
Photo 6: One of my favourite things to do when I am back in Queensland...go to sizzler and eat HEAPS of cheese bread

I'll catch you up on Photo 1...and the rest hopefully tonight or tomorrow. We got back From QLD late last night to a sign on our apartment door saying the water would be off from 7.30am...we had a lot of washing to do and usually we'd leave it but we are off on a road trip tomorrow, and we have a wedding this afternoon, so it's been a bit hectic shopping for the trip, washing the clothes before we went to bed, re packing, BLOGGING! :) and of course actually getting some sleep! Thankfully the water is back on we can shower and go to the wedding soon!Love to all who are reading this and I hope you enjoy the photos over the coming year!