Friday, September 30, 2011

Sonya's handywork

We got the CD with all our photos from our family photo session with Sonya. There's some real crackers! I'm sure I'll be sharing more with you over blogtoberfest!  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's started arriving

bunting from this swap...was awaiting me when I arrived home from peer support camp!
I'll update you when it all arrives....and when I finish mine...better get cracking!

Friday, September 23, 2011

happy birthday little blog

This little blog turns 5 today! what the?
It feels like I was wishing it a happy 4th birthday just the other week!
I started off as a pretty dodgy blogger...but heck 5 years ago I didn't know about half the blogs I read today! It has become something I really enjoy. I've been involved in swaps, seen what my mates and friends who live far away are up to and in a way kept a semi regular journal of what has happened for the last 5 years...some times have been more detailed than others. I've also been able to read and be inspired by many lovely people out there.
So happy birthday little blog!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a wedding, a baby shower and a caravan

I've just been to Bundaberg. It's been 3 years since I was last there and gosh it was good to visit. (my family and I lived there, I finished high school there) Perhaps it was so good because of the reason I was going! We were invited to a wedding of some very dear friends. 5 years ago I was in the groom's older sister's wedding. That was a bit of a mouthful! I had been hearing about the lovely bride for ages and finally met her the day before the wedding. She's just lovely.
 It was a wonderful ceremony, my dad took it!
 Dez looking a bit shell shocked after! :) they were a lovely couple! The reception was lovely, food, drink and DANCING! And catching up with other dear friends, hearing about what people have been up to the past few years. I am vowing to make sure it's not so long between drinks. 
 When I turned 18 I went out a fair bit to a certain local pub. My youngest sisters have since turned 18 and were dying to go check it out. So a few of us went out after the reception. That was the latest night I've had in a while and the wine did seem to creep up on us a bit but we had a ball carving it up on the dance floor!
 When the wedding was said and done and the bride and groom were off on their honeymoon we moved to the next cause of celebration...a baby in a belly! (Sez is the big sister of the groom I was talking about just before!) She's a good egg! And now she's growing a little bubba!
 We played games, we gave presents. Dakoda helped paint a onesie for his cousin! 
 some people were a bit rusty on their celebrity heads rules...Courtney was a little confused!
 we all got our creative sides out and made a wardrobe of VERY cute onsies for Sez and Chris' baby that is due in Feb! 
This is Dakoda and Kelly...Dakoda is a very cute little boy...and Kelly is a very dear friend!
So the title talks about a caravan...there were quite a few guests at the grooms parents family of 6 being some of them so me and my sisters were in a caravan which was fun...but alas I forgot to take a photo of that! 
It was such a special time being in Bundaberg being able to celebrate with Tammy and Derek. I hope it's not too long before we get to hang out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a few more...

A few more from the weekend family photo shoot! 
   This last one captures my mum so well!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sneak peek

from the weekend! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

family photos

 So back in August Mum and Dad had their 35th wedding anniversary and we decided it was time to get some family photos done...other than our wedding photos we haven't had family photos in a really long time, I think when Bec and Courtney were still little bubbas...I think mum had to pull Courtney's dumming out of her mouth right before the photos were taken! 
 The very talented and ever lovely Sonya, who also took our wedding photos came and snapped some fun photos today! 
I'm looking forward to seeing and showing you what Sonya snapped! (these photos are just a couple I took!)
I first got the idea after seeing these photos!

Thursday, September 08, 2011


yeah you're seeing right...that pig is diving into a pool!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The one about running 9kms

I ran 9kms this afternoon...and now I am in a world of pain.
It all started about 3 or so months ago when one of the PE teachers at school said hey let's put a team in the city to bay fun run....which is 12 kms. I saw the email and thought, gosh I've NEVER run 12 km's in my life, I don't think I could go the I said I'll give the 6km run a go!
I kept missing the training sessions because of lots of different things...and then I found out I'd been invited to a wedding the day before the QLD...bit hard to get back. But about 6 or7 weeks ago I decided to do the training with the staff, hey you know get fit for the wedding. One of the other lady teachers and I were at about the same level and she became my buddy when we trained, the others were...well PE teachers and super fit so they started a bit faster! ha so we've increased from struggling with 4kms/20minutes to what we did today...and Em (my buddy) even went further, I have this nasty cough and so thought I shouldn't overdo it... I've got to say I'm pretty chuffed with myself, who knows how long it'll last but heck the love handles have decreased a bit and my netball shorts felt less tight last week! That's gotta be a good thing right :)

I wish I had a picture to go with this...but quite frankly you don't want to see me after I've run's sort of disturbing!

Monday, September 05, 2011

there's nothing like it

 Good food
 good friends...and family
craft and some good conversation to welcome in spring...even though Saturday wasn't that sunny. It was a wonderful day for a craftanoon!