Monday, February 16, 2009

2nd engagement party

so we are blessed. but sometimes the situation is hard!

we are blessed because Tim's family live in Brisbane we got to have an engagement party in Brisbane which is nice because i still have a lot of precious friends up there. so last night we celebrated!

there was so much food, wonderful food that Maureen, my soon to be mother in law made, she is a gem and can really cook! we always leave a few kilos heavier. so many yummy treats, BBQ and a chocolate fountain to boot! SO GOOD!!

there was pretty decorations and lovely pictures that Rebecca and Roelof spent time working on, and a lot of nice things were said and therefore I had a tear because i often cry when nice things are said!

the only thing now is we have to leave and go back to work and leave our wonderful family and friends. but while it lasted we had fun and loved seeing our friends old and new, and meeting each others friends we hadn't met before...

and now we look forward to July! our wedding! :) to all those who came to help us celebrate thank you we love you all a lot xx