Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A night in

tonight is the first night in 8 nights that I'll be at home...
and the first week night in...38 nights...or the 19th Feb was that date
OK that's ridiculous....

i plan to veg and go to bed early...I tired!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monkey Business

For my birthday i got a fun little key ring. here he is! when you look at him he's pretty cute but then he has a button on his head! and his eyes light up, but that isn't the part that made me nearly crap myself the first time i pressed that little button. he also makes a monkey noise! which is REALLY loud! I've been catching people off guard ever since! thanks Bec and Roelof! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Farewell Fringe...for another year!

SO the Fringe is finished! a time of year where Adelaide truly comes alive! it has been a wonderful few weeks seeing lots of different comedians and plays all in all we went overboard really! and after all of it frankly I'm rather tired and probably need to hold off on buying tickets for anything for a while, mostly because we booked our honeymoon today...but more about that later...

these are the shows we saw:
Charlie Pickering
Greg Fleet
Adelaide is heaps good comedy debate
Burlesque Bizarre
Dark side of the choir
Arj Barker
Judith Lucy
Wet spots
Gothic Punch and Judy
Storm in a tea cup (which was a youth circus)
Unit 46 ( a play)
a reading of Mark the gospel
A midsummer nights dream
and of course our weekend to see Sydney to see coldplay!
and to finish it all off Adam Hills on Saturday night! he is such quality and it was great to finish a fun month off with such a quality act! check me out on spicks and specks on abc Wednesday nights.

so now we are have to do things that don't cost anything because we have a wedding to plan for, today we booked our honeymoon to Tasmania! it is so exciting to have done it and to have paid...a portion of it! and it is SOOOO exciting to have a lovely holidays booked, it gives me a lot to look forward to. I mean i have lots of things to look forward to but sometimes it's hard to see because when you are feeling a little stressed about things it's nice to know there is a nice holiday coming up in less than 4 months!

to relax last night Tim and i watched a portion of my birthday present, Narnia the lion witch and wardrobe AS well as Prince Caspian! our very own Narnia marathon! wonderful! thanks to bec and roelof for that present!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

birthdays are the BEST!!!!

so sunday was my 25th birthday!
and to celebrate Tim and i decided we would go and visit his brother and sister in law and the little pikelet (baby bump) in Sydney! it also happened to be the same time as coldplay was touring! so we went to their sunday show in sydney!

it was so great! we got to catch a train into the city and see the sydney opera house and the bridge! we even saw people climbing the bridge...they looked a little like ants! :)
that was saturday and then sunday we did some of my favourite things. Go to church, eat fish and chips, sit at the beach, go to JB hi fi and a really great stationary store called KiKi K! it was great i wanted to buy everything and organise my desk! and for pre dinner dessert we had birthday cake! ....OH and how could i forget...we went to the lindt cafe! AHHHHH it was wonderful! the waitress was thinking i was a little weird taking photos of EVERYTHING!!! BUT i didn't care i was having so much fun! and then of course the day finished with Coldplay and that was AMAZING! ahhh i was so happy we got to go...especially since we nearly left the tickets in adelaide! WHOOPS!!
but my sister came to the rescue and we got on the plane...with the tickets...just!
we got back monday night and enjoyed a night in the garden of unearthly delights with my mumma, dadeo, jek, bec and courty...as well as bubba tim! being 25 has been a lot of fun so far!

Friday, March 06, 2009


as part of my job at Concordia, i get to go on camps with the different year levels each year. the first is usually the year 7 camp and for the past 3 years it has been at wirraway homestead just out of strathabyn. it is ALWAYS a hoot! there is horse rising, archery, rock climbing, swimming, fly fox. IT"S an amazing campsite! and the people that run it are a fantastic bunch of people too. camps are a great way to meet students and to get to know them better, i have a lot of fun doing this and it's a chilled environment to get to know them and what they like.

so i have just completed my 4th camp at wirraway..O make that 5 (i went there when i was in year 6!!!)

and it was another corker, but i am glad that it is the weekend!


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

getting stuff off your chest

Good day to you all.
I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. my life is busy and i am reminded of it constantly.
A few weeks ago I was at a retreat day and a co worker made a comment on how busy the people around him are, and that perhaps if the busy people realised this and took some time to focus on God and their relationship with him, that the world wouldn't stop turning, if they in fact stopped their busyness!
for the next 5 days or so it kept coming up, being busy and not taking time out to rest and relax. I've often had a problem resting and reflecting and basking in God's care. But it has been on my heart for the last few weeks or so and the past week has been a bit up and down.

But today it climaxed a bit and i spoke to another co worker and he was good about it. i got some things off my chest and it does feel better after you've had a cry and spoken to someone you trust in your workplace about these things. and i have learnt...and i think it is a life long lesson i will be learning that i do need to be quiet sometimes and sometimes i need to be alone and not hanging out with people, and sometimes i need to turn the TV off, the radio, the light and lay and spend some quality time with my heavenly father.

so if anyone is reading this and is feeling busy and overwhelmed spend some time with God, in his arms in the quiet.

there are some other exciting things that are happening! the fringe is in town and i have seen a couple of things so far, eaten corn in the garden of unearthly delights and seen acrobatic kids in a circus!

and things are coming along with our wedding! i haven't gotten a heap of things done I'm helping with a camp but my darling friends are helping me out with invites and bunting and fun things so i am VERY excited!
Tim and I have almost been going out for 2 years and the photo above was taken when we had only been going out for a few months!