Saturday, May 03, 2008

Op shopping Galore!

this morning Jek, Bec, Courtney and I set out to the op shops in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide. I haven't done a lot of op shopping out there and so we rang our friend Kirsten who did a paper on op shopping at Uni. she got very excited and listed off around 7 places for us to check out!

we started at the save the children shop. and my it was a GOLD mine! I haven't had much success when it comes to op shops in recent years. gone were the days when i would go to the Bundaberg op shops and come home 3 bags heavier from all the treasures we had found, i think i actually had a dream about that this morning as i was waking up! :) we only actually made it to two shops cause lost steam but the lull has gone! perhaps i have knew taste and i do appreciate bric a brac alot more now then i used to and i found a couple of very pretty plates! And a great pair of chord jeans, a necklace, a bag and some great earrings!I am off again on Monday with Anna, who couldn't join us today but is in need of some Op shop love!

one other news I went to the Foo Fighters concert in Melbounre last weekend...aaahhh far out it was ripper! they put on such a good show. we went to melbourne because adelaide was sold out and in the end it worked out better cause it was such a good trip. we stayed on night in Warnambool with friend and had a great time harrassing her at work (Toyworld) the next day :) and then drove the great ocean road and arrived in Melbourne. it was a wonderful break before school went back.

i wanted to load some photos up but they are taking an age...there may or may not be some photos of the things i got from the op shop today! ok so one worked...and it was one of the plates...