Wednesday, December 24, 2008


the bags came back!
at 1.30am tuesday morning we got a buzz...adrian was startled awake and he went and signed for i got a surprise in the morning when i came out into the lounge area...adrian had turned into a blue bag! :)

a very happy christmas to you! i was able to see santa in the park last night when i went for a picnic with some good friends Brad and Di and some of their adelaide friends! it was fun and thanks for showing me studio 60


Monday, December 22, 2008


So i have had a wonderful weekend.
i travelled to Queensland to attend the wedding party of a friend of mine (will post photos soon) and it was wonderful. very happy lots of smiles, cakes, wine and fun. got to be in the place i did the final 3 years of high school and spend some time with old friends. evn visit the beach.

however because i am a little disorganised with looking after my self i didn't sort work and say ok i'll have this time off and just stay in brisbane a few extra days instead of coming home and then going back up to spend time with Tim. so i was coming home today so i can work tomorrow and finish something off for our up and coming road trip.

so i had a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, Sydney to was the cheapest flight at that time of day,when i got to the airport who should we see but Adrian and he was on my flight...both of them, unfortunately we realised it to late and were unable to sit next to each other to chat....

ANYWAY the flight from Brisbane was a little late leaving which meant we were a little late arriving in Sydney and we had to go straight to the gate to board our plane straight away.

we thought things were fine...but when we were waiting at the luggage carousel Adrian heard his name over the loud we went over to the info desk and his bag had been left in Sydney because there wasn't enough time to get our bags onto the next plane.... and that they hadn't arrived in Adelaide on our plane but that they would on the next one at 9pm.

so 2 and a half hours ago Adrian got a call to say his bag was here in Adelaide and that they would deliver it...the twist is...his house keys were in his bag and so he has been here for the last 4 hours waiting...but having a nice distraction of talking to Rebecca in Canada!...i think he might be using the spare mattress tonight!

so we wait and hope our bags will arrive...eventually!

Monday, December 15, 2008

love and marriage!

So on Friday a very good friend of mine got married to her beau! it's so exciting! she is the first of our group of friends from school to get hitched. Simon her HUSBAND from the UK and so they went to Melbourne and got married! it is such an exciting time and a real achievement! Well done Clare and Simon for making this big step! i look forward to celebrating with you VERY soon! xx

Thursday, December 11, 2008

coming to an end

So i am happy to report that school is done for 2008. it's been a good, busy, changing, frustrating and sometimes long year and i am glad to have finished last week for the year. don't get me wrong, the students at CC are wonderful but it does get emotionally draining saying goodbye to people.

it has been imminent. we have been celebrating with Tim's brother Luke and his wife. they are having a baby, Luke graduated and got ordained, his family (mum dad, sister and brother in law) have been and gone and now their house is packed up, along with some other friends that are going out into the world outside of Adelaide...
change can be really hard and i often struggle with people leaving my life...well not leaving for good but saying goodbye and moving far away...some people fight as a way of dealing, coping...or not coping with people leaving.

i guess it's a good leaving because God willing we will see them again in this life time.

I am tired though, all these things have made me tired...i should watch less felicity and go to bed earlier... x

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

random happy snaps

There have been lots of happy times lately!

i bought a digital camera, and have been taking some photos, below are some of the happy things that have gone on! xx

Do I have something in my teeth!?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the expo for brides!

yesterday me and my mum went to a bridal expo that was held at the showgrounds here in Adelaide! when my mum first told me about it i WAS NOT keen to go, shopping alone gives me the itetates after an hour and a half let alone going to a show that is dedicated purely to spending LOTS of money on one day!

ok sorry that's a bit negative

but it was actually pretty good. I mean other it was funny. we went to lots of different stalls and got lots of different cards and brochures for places to have the reception, photographers, flowers, bomba...whatever those things are called that you put at peoples places! i was talking with one of the ladies from that stall and she asked me when i was getting married. when i said July next year she said...oh that's not long...IT"S MORE THANK 8 MONTHS AWAY!!!

we went past the celebrant stall too and the lady asked us if we would like a brochure, when i told her my dad was a minster and Tim's was too...she said "well i think you have that sorted!" she was cute, and she was wearing a cute hat!

there was even a fashion parade so now i have heard of some shops that actually sell dresses, so i don't have to wear jeans and cons on the "big day" :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

congratulations and welcome term 4

today was the first day back at school for the term. and it was lots of fun. i was a little bit sluggish this morning after having wonderful sleep ins last week but got there and i had emailed the staff to say that Tim and i had gotten engaged and there was lots of congratulations emails and lots of hugs and kisses today!it was wonderful!

in chapel Pastor Peter asked me to come down the front and he sort of interviewed me and asked me how my holidays were! it was fun and everyone clapped and cheered! it great! lots of smiles and lots of showing the bling off!

some year 8 and 9 boys came and said congrates it was sweet!

so welcome term 4 and congratulations!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


i'm n longer a girl friend...
but a Fiance!

Last night Tim asked me to marry him...
and i said YES!
we are both thrilled! and can't stop smiling!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


this winter i have been enjoying some knitting...i started off great guns really inspired to make a blanket... knitted a few squares and had a few weeks off but started again tonight.
tonight a friend was here and jek was teaching her to knit...she left a couple of hours ago and TIM has picked it up and has continued on with the knitting...

TIM my boyfriend...crap he must have sensed me writing something about it cause he just put it down...

it was cute while it lasted! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic madness

it pretty much happened 4 years ago...when it was sydney's turn we were at the most northern tip of we didn't see much BUT we did see Cathy freeman win gold in the 400 metres. I am totally addicted...why is it that the olympics is such a time suck...i had a day off from work yesterday and i was fighting not to turn the tv on and just watch it all day...ESPECIALLY when the diving and gymnastics are on!

when the athens olympics were on a friend and i joked about what we could train for in the next 4 years to be able to go to Beijing...first we said table tennis but we were kidding ourselves..i think the national sport for china is table tennis...and then we thought badminton but clearly again asian countries are just so we obviously threw that idea out the door!

so i find myself sitting in our lounge room watching it on the set, sucking time and being mildly affected by the stupid inspirational ads...darn you!

hope you've been able to either enjoy some sport or stear clear if you hate it! :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

another post

it's been a while and i don't really have much to say...
i'm out of practice and don't have much time these days between...facebook, email etc etc
i'm not a big fan of being on the computer much...

i've been watching gilmore girls a lot...
it's winter it's cold...
looking forward to summer

happy day to you!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Op shopping Galore!

this morning Jek, Bec, Courtney and I set out to the op shops in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide. I haven't done a lot of op shopping out there and so we rang our friend Kirsten who did a paper on op shopping at Uni. she got very excited and listed off around 7 places for us to check out!

we started at the save the children shop. and my it was a GOLD mine! I haven't had much success when it comes to op shops in recent years. gone were the days when i would go to the Bundaberg op shops and come home 3 bags heavier from all the treasures we had found, i think i actually had a dream about that this morning as i was waking up! :) we only actually made it to two shops cause lost steam but the lull has gone! perhaps i have knew taste and i do appreciate bric a brac alot more now then i used to and i found a couple of very pretty plates! And a great pair of chord jeans, a necklace, a bag and some great earrings!I am off again on Monday with Anna, who couldn't join us today but is in need of some Op shop love!

one other news I went to the Foo Fighters concert in Melbounre last weekend...aaahhh far out it was ripper! they put on such a good show. we went to melbourne because adelaide was sold out and in the end it worked out better cause it was such a good trip. we stayed on night in Warnambool with friend and had a great time harrassing her at work (Toyworld) the next day :) and then drove the great ocean road and arrived in Melbourne. it was a wonderful break before school went back.

i wanted to load some photos up but they are taking an age...there may or may not be some photos of the things i got from the op shop today! ok so one worked...and it was one of the plates...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

it's been a while

it's been a while since posts,
as predicted in the last post 2008 HAS indeed started VERY busy!
in the final week of term i find myself filling in for the school counsellor. it has been as interesting experience. and i'll be glad to see her back!

Tim and i celebrated a year together and that has been a wonderful year.

work has been very busy

we had a heat wave here in SA and we are now seeing the final parts of summer i think

mmm my brain is fried...
another post another day i think!

Monday, February 04, 2008

new year!

2008 and been a busy year to date.
visiting tim's parents in brisbane
roading tripping in a group of 18 over the nullabour plain, around perth and the south west of Western Australia
doing a week of service with local churches in the area i work in with the youth group.
starting my 3rd year in my job

i think 2008 is going to busy but a blessing. i have a new joy about things. i turned a corner during the week of service. i was being a bit of a negative nelly.

God bless you duirng 2008