Thursday, September 20, 2012

project 8/28 baby shower

Number 8...finally. I must admit I have lost steam a bit in terms of this project as a whole...but maybe in my holidays that are coming up I can get into it again? Knock a few projects on the head? ;) I think YES!
This project started with invitations for a lovely lady I know, another friend and I put a baby shower together for her.
So I got the typewriter out!
my sister in law got her bake on
I got my let's make something fun, fiddly and delicious on ;)
There was plenty of food...delicious food
We got everyone to bring a jumpsuit or a t-shirt to decorate for the bubba on the way
Everyone was so creative!

The guest of honor and mother to be had a great time...which was the point! We played a couple of games. Tried to guess how big her girth was, gave her some ideas for names and of course took a sweep of when the little one would arrives, length, weight, date he arrives.
Sooooo 8 projects down....20 to go!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's go on a date in September

So I've actually got around to posting about our date...cause we actually got around to going on the date! We still haven't been on our July and August dates...but I have a couple of weeks of holidays coming up so here's hoping!
This month was home spa and movie night in. Our bathroom doesn't have a bath so technically we should call it the shower room...but that's beside the point. We soaked our feet, massaged each others feet and ate LOTS of sugar.... 
 The last 3 months or so I have been trying to eat less sugar after reading a very interesting book...which I'll blog about one day! I was wide awake for ages after going to bed...I swear it was because of the sugar/chocolate overload!
These were the movies I chose for Tim. We ended up watching young adult which was a little weird bit there were a few laughs 
 Tim's size 13 feet fitting into the little foot spa!
It was a lovely relaxing night.Chilling at home with my beloved.
For more date inspiration check out Shannon's blog

Saturday, September 08, 2012

catch up

Please can someone tell me where the weeks are going? I think working at a school doesn't make it easy as things and events are always counted as week is week 9..I'm not sure how it happened! Life seems to be running away, which is some ways is OK some ways it makes me nervous as the end of the year approaches...and lots of changes and exciting things will be happening I'm sure...But I'll write about that another day!
It has been an eventful couple of weeks. I did make my first ever banana bread. It was rather yummy but I reckon I could have put a little less sugar in it! It was pretty sweet.
I've been reading like there is no tomorrow and loving it!
our little nephew is growing so quickly...he is a little bit cute!
I met a new little bubba. Some good friends welcomed their first child into the world early in August. Apart from being sleep deprived they are doing well. 
I got a bit of interesting TV watching in..If you haven't heard of this show or seen it go to the SBS website and take a look.  
My Dad finished his job at the church he has been working at for over 7 years. They had a lovely farewell for him and Mum last Sunday. A delicious community lunch, farewell songs and Dad and all me sisters sang a song. It was rather lovely!
We ended up staying at Mum and Dad's for dinner after all the farewell celebrations and started the Fathers day celebrations! It was really lovely to spend time with Dad. He was winding down for some holidays before he starts his new job at the start of October.

We had the week of kitchen hell...our kitchen got gutted...and renovated! So now we are in kitchen heaven! A couple of before, during and after shots! I didn't mind the green so much but the bench tops were just horrible and so it is so nice to have a bench you wipe and it's actually clean! We'll enjoy it for the next couple of months before we have to move out of our little unit!
 I went to the best catered Tupperware party ever... 
 We had some beautiful spring weather last weekend...and then it hid again around Wednesday...I'm hoping it returns again soon...I need some Vitamin D! 
I got a little bit of crafting in...not much but it is always fun to get the typewriter out and bash the keys away!
And just another one of Jax because I can't help myself and he is growing SO FAST!!! I often don't get to see him because I go over at night when he is sleeping but all of a sudden he is smiling and chatting, he's darling!
...SOOOO I'm hoping I'll be back on track now with the ol' blogging. I have missed it...there has been a bit going on and to add to it our computer has been playing up too so hopefully that will sort itself out...or we'll chuck it off the balcony... Ha!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!