Saturday, April 28, 2007

so tired

when i was a kid i loved playing netball. started in grade 3 and got a trophy that year. it was fun.
then i continued. when we moved to bundy i was playing school, club and indoor. in grade 11 and 12 i played a trained sometimes 5 times a week, it was a big part of my life.

When i moved to brisbane i wanted to join a uni team, but they never got back to me. so for the 4 years at uni i didn't play, until a mate moved to brisbane, i played for 3 games and then moved to adelaide.

so i played a little indoor last year and a bit of mixed.

today i played my first game in an outdoor team, we even trained on tuesday. it was fun..but it rained so much and i played centre...hard stuff...tonight i am VERY tired!

Friday, April 13, 2007


i am back in brisbane, the first time since January. it is so good to be back, got off the plane and it's so familiar and good. i got to have a fun plane trip with Fiona. We worked out that she would be in a town over Easter and then when we weren't going to be able to meet up we worked out we were booked on the same flight! so we booked to seat together. we ate Easter eggs and laughed alot!

Chris and Sez picked me up and i got to see their new house they have just bought, it's great. we got to chat and went to bed late! today has been fun hanging with Sez and now at KT's house. I got to do one of my favourite things. Go to rockinghorse records. i miss that CD store like i'd miss my right arm...actually that may be a little extreme...but they have a great selection. I got the cd by the drummer from underoath, his side project band's that sentence correct even?

Brisbane is so much busier than Adelaide.

i think this weekend is going to be TOPS...less then 5 hours til i see jekka joo...and i say YES to that!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

he is risen

Easter Sunday is such a fantastic day. it's the day our Lord conquered death.
i was having an interesting conversation with my sister JEK about how Easter to alot of Australian's is just a four day weekend and that that bothered and saddened her a bit. for me today was a joyeous occassion to remember God's promise to us, to forgive us and his sacrifice in his son Jesus. i've been able to spend the day with 5/6th of my family and two friends. it was a wonderful day

happy easter to you all

He is RISEN, He is risen INDEED!

it was reel

A few years ago i went and saw a band called reel big fish play at the arena in brisbane. it was an excellent show. the day after they played a free gig at a skate park on the south side of brisbane. that to was a very cool show.

Last monday i went and saw them again, some 4 years since these shows. They still have it. I mean there are only 3 of the original 7 members and these days there are only 6 members. and since i saw them the new trumpet player back then is no longer in the band, there was some blonde guy. i was afraid they were going to play a bunch of new songs, and i don't know the new album. BUT the started with trendy, and they played all the ones i wanted to hear, the set up, i want your girlfriend, toob top, where have you been, their fantastic cover of take on me...and then they finished their encore with sell out. my night was complete. i walked home a very satisfied gig goer. my ears ringing and a mate to share the night with. onya sarah.

all week my ears were a little foggy though...i really do need to remember to wear earplugs to shows, i'll be deaf by 30 if i'm not careful.
tomorrow night wolfmother
and i got tickets for underoath...i wont even go into how excited i am about that!