Wednesday, May 27, 2009

please play those songs less...

you know when you turn the radio on and it just seems like you always get the same songs...the radio station gets a new lot of music in and like EVERY dj gets on board and plays a certain couple of songs every show they host.

i've been getting this with two songs lately...seriously every time i turn the radio on in the car on i hear at least one of these songs, sometimes both. one of them is about soggy toast and bacon that's hard to chew but the author of the song still goes to this cafe because the gir that serves him is pretty and he loves her...and i seriously can not stand this song. it is repetitive and i'm not a big fan of the tune. i've taken to turning the radio down when this song comes on. why don't you just change the channel i hear you say, well this station on a whole is fairly decent while most other stations are rubbish and i would be experiencing this problem a HECK of a lot more if i listened to those radio stations!

The other song is by blis anSO and it's not too bad, but it has a line in it about swinging from the lobby in the Marriott...anyway the language is fairly fowl at times and i could probably go without hearing it for a while because i seriously want to hear some different songs.

how to solve this problem? perhaps i could put a cd player in my car so i can choose the tunes myself...but i might miss the news or something! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aunty Lauren

the little bubba we have been calling pip, piklet, little neice...has finally arrived!

little Isabelle Grace Spilsbury
what a beautiful name and a beautiful girl...and you just beat me as the newest Spilsbury by 6 and a half weeks what a little champ...
we can't wait to meet you and kiss you!

xx love Uncle Tim and Aunty Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, May 15, 2009


on tuesday night my sisters boyfriend proposed marriage...and she said YES!!! so not only is our wedding in 7 weeks but they could be married by the end of the year too! they came around late on tuesday night but i couldn't find my camera...i'll post a picture of the happy couple soon!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

not so modivated...

i was really motivated about blogging for a little while there...but i think i have lost the urge for a moment...
i'm trying to plan our wedding and even more stressful than that...pack up my stuff to move to Tim's place...which is proving to be alot more annoying. I tried the take a few things at a time...culling, pack away papers for the shed and the "I can't possibly throw that out"....line that i keep using..

but besides is getting exciting though! 7 weeks and...3 days til the wedding! eeekkkk

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


yesterday was a usual day until i walked to my local supermarket to get some things. some people from the Advertiser were there and asked if they could take a picture of my with my green bags!i was trying to avoid them cause i heard them ask some other people if they could take their picture...but i was ambushed! In South Australia yesterday there was a state wide ban on light weight plastic bags. this photo turned up on line this morning! however as the caption suggests i am actually quit happy about the plastic bag ban! :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hill of Grace

About 13 years ago dad was given a bottle of "hill of grace" if you're into wine it's a pretty special bottle that you keep for many years and then drink it on a special occasion. it was a 93 bottle and today we cracked it open. mum noticed earlier in the week that it was leaking so it was time to drink it before it was spoilt. so we celebrated with some good friends from Bundaberg and as a late celebration of Tim and I being engaged.
what was the verdict? I'm not much of a red drinker but it was rather enjoyable!