Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh so cute

so this photo may be a little wrong, but if you get past's pretty cute and Tim was looking on the net last night! we are totally looking forward to having a place that is big enough to have a little puppy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He loves, I love, We love

Just a couple of pictures from YPout on the weekend. We were at Faith Lutheran college and around 350 people came together to learn more about God and have some fun. lots of work, so relieved it's come to an end but satisfied too. thanks to everyone who was involved.

Monday, April 13, 2009

productive as

Over this Easter long weekend i have had the opportunity to have some alone time.
Tim has had 5 friends here visiting him, and they have been doing boy things. which has given me the opportunity to do a few things i have been meaning to do for quite some time!

i have...
1.gotten our wedding invitations printed, assembled and addressed...well most of them!
2.bought fabric for mini bags for our wedding
3.bought photo boxes to organise my jumbled heap of photos
5.filed old bank statements, bills etc
6.DUSTED my room...which has happened maybe one other time since i have lived in this apartment
7.cleaned out my boot, it was pretty much filled to the brim with empty demineralised water bottles, costumes, junk and plastic bags, as well as a bag full of stuff for the op shop.
8. enjoyed a few pots of tea
9. watched a couple of great movies (I am Sam and Stardust..while constructing invites), as well as many episodes of arrested development
10.had the opportunity to blog
11. spoken to almost sister and brother in law on the phone
12. cleared my desk
13. tidied my room

i feel accomplished but feel that i have inhaled enough dust for the time being!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009


man that's annoying...when you set something up and then blogger reforms it and then it looks poxy..and akes me look like a dill pickle

craft-a-noon anyone!?

Lately I have been inspired. some particularly creatively ladies in my life, (Clarey, Sez, Jek, Anna )give me inspiration and get my creative juices flowing. they have been blessed with skills and talents to sew, knit use computer programs I DON"T!!! winter is on the way and that means i really get the urge to KNIT!!! I have been seeing pretty things to use for our wedding and just want to get behind the sewing machine and make something!

These photos are from a beautiful book i just bought called "meet me at mikes" the lady who put it together has a beautiful shop in Melbourne and is a crafty crafty lady! it's beautiful and i was very thankful to get some birthday money to spend on a special book! I am looking forward to some day being able to make some of the pretty things! Craft-a-noon anyone? :) xx