Monday, September 21, 2009

badgemaking heaven!

a couple of weeks ago my small group from church came over and we had a badge making extravaganza! we had lots of fun and made some really cool badges! I had another afternoon today and Kara bought some great papers over and we went nuts! any one want to buy any badges! i have a few hundred!

Monday, September 14, 2009

purely for procrastionation purposes...

these are some chair covers i made for our dining suite. The chairs were beautiful but a little hard for me...and had the potential to get scratched i found this material in Launceston while honeymooning. I bought it without knowing what it would be used for and then when i decided, had to order more over the Internet. this post comes to you while i procrastinate from finishing my tax. It has driven me spare this morning and I'll probably be forced to eat copious amounts of chocolate treats this afternoon to recover...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


ok so blogger is having a moment of it's own and highlighting random words and underlining posts! :)

Saturday afternoon fun

Because Jek and Dave held a secret wedding we couldn't give Jek a hen's night before the party...otherwise people would have got suspicious! so Yesterday we held her a bridal shower! pass the passel, bridal bingo and plenty of cookies and shortbread to sink a battle ship! the wind was a little annoying but the rain held off and we enjoyed the warmth out in the beautiful wellington square.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The other night we went shopping and bought some eggs...and when i opened the pack up to see if they were all whole...i saw THIS!!!!

I squeeled with laughter! I was reminded of these little faces tonight when i again opened the packet to start baking for Jek's bridal shower tomorrow, so it's a late night post as i wait for the treats to cool!

Monday, September 07, 2009

other wedding fun!

For our wedding in July I got to do some sewing and badge making! i showed you the badges but didn't post any photos of the sewing! I even got someone else to help me with the bunting because i knew she'd do a great job! it was lots of fun putting the yummy truffles in the little bags! We even got to sample one or two!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

food and snow in tasmania

we enjoyed seeing snow in Tasmania, for me it was the first time i had EVER seen snow in the know not at a ice skating rink or mount Theberton! :)
and we enjoyed lots of different lovely foods at the many cafes that were in and around Hobart. truly wonderful.

and Love and Clutter was my favorite shop from Hobart, it had lots of pretty hand made things in it. Babies clothes, mobiles, hair clips badges brooches, scarves. I wanted to take everything home...and Sez you would have loved it too!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

tasmanian teasures take 2!

Tim being a man! near the MAN FERN!!! we saw a few of them in the beautiful tasmania outback!

there was a little bit of a delay in bringing you this post...i lost my camera...and i WAS positive it was in the black hole with is known as our spare has now been located and i can share some lovely photos of our time in tassie! well a few anyway due to the camera being lost the battery has just gone flat! hahah can't win! anyway there's donuts and sky chair rides, love and clutter the cutest shop in Hobart, and Tim being a cutie with the man Fern!