Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Happy Christmas to all!

We've had a lovely couple of days...Christmas baking on Christmas Eve
We went up to Lobethal (a township in the hills of Adelaide) to check out the Christmas lights and eat a few doughnuts!

There were presents that were almost as tall as Tim...he's just over 6 foot so I think that's pretty impressive! :) There was a bit of tension, as their usually is but it was resolved and we enjoyed a lot of delicious food! 
A now it's boxing day and we're pottering around and relaxing...and we might even head to the city later to see people acting crazy at the sales
Hope your Christmas was blessed, spent with the ones you love and that there was time for a snooze or bocce in the afternoon!

Monday, December 24, 2012

...the last 2 weeks

In the last 2 weeks...
*Tim was ordained as a minister...I was planning to write a post about this...but the moment has sort of passed...however it was a wonderful day and I didn't blubber too much :) I was a wee bit proud of him for finishing all his study!
*I finished my job...that was tough...bittersweet...I really enjoyed working there, but there is something new for me in the new year...and perhaps I will finally get to finish my 28 projects? (I think I'll need a miracle)
* All our stuff got packed, moved and put into storage...and then we had to clean our little unit...oh gosh I am SO GLAD THAT is over!
*Once that was done it started to sink in for real that we were moving...
* We started house sitting at Tim's sister and bro in laws place
* My Aunty and Uncle have come over from Perth for Christmas
*Had a wonderful conversation with a friend who is battling breast cancer....she is 28
* I caught up with a couple of interstate friends I haven't seen in a number of years
*Have had a few afternoon naps
....AND a bunch of other stuff of course! But the computer is set up again and I am on holidays!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

It's just a manic (mon)DAY

WOW!!! This little blog is so neglected of late! Life has been so hectic...actual manic really! The last few weeks have been crazy.
As you know we found out we are moving to Whyalla...which still is not properly computing in my head. The words come out of my mouth but it hasn't really sunk in still!

Tim graduated from his double degree a couple of weeks ago which was a very happy and proud day. He looked so handsome and I was so proud that he's ACTUALLY got all his assignments in in the end...and I don't have too many grey hairs to show for it. ;)
And I received a special award...the wives of the guys who study with Tim get together regularly during the year and at the end of the year we always have a special dinner and "graduation" for the ladies who are leaving
It was such a wonderful night and the ladies who put it together put in so much effort to make it a special night for us. We were honoured!
There have been a couple of really hot days in between all of this...who feels like doing anything when it is 40!?
We got to have a visit from some of my favourite people! 
These cousins love each other! Both these little boys are such sweeties!   
Sez- the best friend a girl could have!
And in between all this we have been trying to go through cupboards and cull things, organise people to pack and move our stuff, trade in our bomb of a car and buy a new one, finish work (only one more week...which is bitter sweet), try and get some sleep, cross off to do lists and then re write and add more things, other end of year functions, celebrations, parties, trying to organise skype dates interstate and internationally!
AND tomorrow Tim is getting ordained. Which means he'll be a minister in the Lutheran church. I'm sure I'll be blubbering like a baby. It's been a long 6 years but he got there and now we are on the brink of starting a new chapter....but it's too late to get in to all that! Photos etc of that next week...and hopefully it is next week and not next month! Oh little blog how I've missed you! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

next year

On Friday we got the word that we'd been assigned to Whyalla in South Australia. We don't know a lot of the nitty gritty of when Tim will start etc but we know that he'll be the parish Pastor for Whyalla, Port Augusta and Wilmington. We had a sneaking suspicion...well Tim did that Whyalla might be where we'd go...after our interview and the questions we were asked. 
It's slowly sinking in and I am starting to feel excited about it.
Some things we have found out/ know so far
Whyalla is about 400kms from Adelaide.
There is a Spotlight there (Thanks Clare for pointing that out as a pro:)
The house we will be living in is quite large (so plenty of room for visitors) and has a dishwasher!!! and air conditioning! AND A BATH!!! and a heck of a lot more cleaning :) but that will be OK!
There's probably going to be work opportunities for me! Which is exciting and a relief!
There a still a couple of guys in Tim's class who are waiting to hear, so if you're a person who prays please think of them in your prayers at this time.
The other places where Tim's classmates are going are: Tabor Victoria, Brinkworth SA, Coonalpyn SA, Alice Springs NT...and us to Whyalla!
And now the fun of some belated spring cleaning for the move begins! :)

Saturday, November 03, 2012

What do you think?
My friend Clare who has made both my other banners emailed me during the week saying she'd been working on the glittery writing for something she was doing for work and thought she'd do a new banner up for me! I'm so grateful because I have no skill in that area what so ever!
I think it is very fun!
Thanks Clare!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet Pip!

Meet Pip! (and my sister!)
The newest member of the Barnickelberry clan. Jek and Dave bought her last week and she is so cute. We met her on Monday night and she was hoping around and tasting all the weeds in Mum and Dad's yard! TOO CUTE!
...and that brings us to the end of blogtoberfest for another year...fell off the bandwagon a bit at the end but never mind! I did my best!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fun invitations

So I'm not super savy on the computer when it comes to doing fun invites. My skills extend to publisher! So when I was looking for cute invites for Tim's ordination I went straight to Etsy!
I searched graduations invitations and came across Stacie's shop Girl in Gear studio. I immediately fell in love with her work and contacted her to make a custom order which she was more than happy and capable to do. I think they describe the celebration really well. A lot of the guys in past years have opted to have bigger parties but Tim has decided after the ceremony to have an intimate dinner with our family and some close friends.I have been awaiting their arrival...and they arrived in the post today! 
Thank you Stacie I am looking forward to sending them out very soon!.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's been a hectic few days
Work wise, life wise.
After finishing the fun of the baby shower I am on to the next thing and feel a little like I'm just keeping a float. I know it's because I'm trying to keep my mind occupied while we wait...
these beautiful flowers were purchased on Sunday here

Sunday, October 21, 2012

project 9/28 Priscilla's baby shower

It was only last month I was telling you about Rebecca's baby shower! Well good news she had her baby on October 11th and I met him last week...Josiah Isaac. He is so weeny and CUUUTE!!!
BUUUT this post is about Priscilla's baby shower.
I got an email earlier in the month saying could you please save the date for her baby shower. So I put it on my calendar and then a bit later emailed her back asking her if someone was organising if you her? She said had helpers but she was organising most of it herself...Priscilla and her family moved here at the beginning of the year for her husband Ryan and so her family (as in Mum...sisters) isn't here...who I guess would usually throw a shower. So I texted my sister and said we gotta do something about that...So I called her said you are to stop all planning we are taking over...
What a bossy boots! 
But she was really grateful! Because she'd already been planning and thinking she had an idea for white and black theme so she showed me some things she was thinking about and we ran with it. Priscilla had found some jars on freecycle and so we filled those with some lollies put some fabric on the top and it turned out to be a really cute thank you gift for all the guests! 
A few weeks ago a dear friend posted a very cool photo of some bunting she'd made. It was bunting with a twist as she'd left a little slot to peg a photo on to it...she went to a very COOL SITE and got some of her Instagram photos printed. It looked so good. So Jek got to sewing and made some beautiful bunting...we were stealthy and asked Priscilla her password for Instagram and got the photos printed! They looked fantastic! 
We played a couple of games...pass the baby with trivia questions each layer of clothing! Celebrity heads...and we were going to play pin the baby on the belly but we got busy eating, chatting, praying and opening presents so we didn't end up playing it...But I got a photo of Priscilla with it anyway! It was cute while we were setting up Priscilla's little girl looked at the picture and said "Mummy your tummy is SOOOOO big!"
There was so much delicious food, everyone bought a plate to share. 
And there were lots of beautiful handpicked flowers! 
It was a wonderful day and a fair bit of time and fun went into I am totally counting it as one of my projects for the year I think it may be the 3rd of 4th baby shower I have organised this year...perhaps it should have been the 28 baby showers I organised! hahaha!...10 down! 19 to go! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012


These ECards do crack me up...This one on the other hand is just spot on and often how I feel!
Happy Friday Fridays! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, October 18, 2012


* I laughed many times watching this and this
* Went to work 
* Worked on a project for the weekend
* Spoke to a friend on the phone
* Bought a new cardigan
*Heard that a friend got a full time permanent teaching job starting next year!
*Did the dishes
*Spilt something on my shirt while at work... whoops!
* Ate a delicious dinner
*Thought several times is it really Thursday today?
* I received this photo in an email! This little bubba is getting baptised on Sunday in Brisbane...we won't be able to make it so sent a little something! (Thanks Di! Remi and Brad are so cute!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


one of Tim's cakes...a KFC piece of chicken...  
These sweeties left on Sunday with their mum and dad and their other sister...I hope we get to cuddle them again soon!
...I think Mema was checking for teeth here!
Last nights bubba can cook!