Monday, October 17, 2011

lynee king

I remember when this movie was released the first time 1994. We (my sister Jek and I) went to the movies with a good family friend. My little sisters were only very small. It was a special outing for just the big girls! I remember getting the Video...yes NOT the DVD for Christmas one year and we watched it and watched it and watched it...that video is still at mum and dad's house.
Lynee king is what my little sisters called it! they used to say some funny things...they still do come to think of it.
So today on a lovely day off I am going to go see it again! I wonder if I'll cry in all the same places!
Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. Hey Lauren, thank you so much for my gorgeous bunt! Hope you have a great week, Sophiex

  2. One of my very favourite Disney movies. I love lynee king too!! Enjoy!


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