Wednesday, June 27, 2012

craft it forward... 5/28

A number of weeks ago Tammi posted about crafting it forward...I decided to join in!
 Participation is easy...the first five people to comment below (provided you would like to participate) will receive a small parcel from me containing one of these little or big pears - which can be used as either  pincushions or decorative...perhaps for a little bubbas room!, the choice is keep the ball rolling you must then blog about what I sent you and pass it on ie: send something you have made to the first five to comment.  What you decide to send is entirely up to you as long as you have made it yourself (this can include prints and photos) and it is sent before the end of the calendar year...simple.
 I'm looking forward to receiving a lovely crocheted face washer from Tammi!
So who's in!? And perhaps let me know if you'd like a small pin cushion type or bigger one!

Monday, June 25, 2012


my first ever crocheted scarf...and crocheted project for that matter. I did a little square as a test and then launched into this...about *cough* 2 years's pretty rustic looking but I love the way it has ended up working. 
The black was really hard to use as it was hard to see the stitches and I think that's why it's not 100% even. But it is warm and comfy! And I really like the flecky nature of the black
Clare if you're reading this it's the same black wool as that skinny scarf I knitted you a couple of years ago!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend happenings

it started off with a delicious stew cooked by my mumma, she makes a mean stew! Courtney joined us for dinner and stayed the night so she could head to her exam the next morning...we live a lot closer to her uni than she does! It's always nice to spend quality time with my little sis. 
It was the first anniversary of my Pop's death. Hard to believe it's been a year. So I baked some lemon and poppy seed muffins and we bought some flowers and headed to my folks place. 
we washed...
We went a bit Belguim and watched "In Bruges" and ate waffles...bit of an odd movie but enjoyable despite the violence
Today we were treated to a delicious Hong Kong style hot pot lunch with Ken and Margaret a lovely couple from the church Tim did his placement at. They are so lovely and have lived in may places...PNG, Hong Kong, Scotland...they have a lot of very interesting tales to tell. Ken has his birthday tomorrow...the 60th anniversary of his 21st :)
Tim now wants to buy a hot pot ;)
We also got to say a quick hello to Jax and his mum and dad
and tonight I'll be continuing with my crochet and enjoying some relaxation in front of the TV before doing it all over again for another week. Hope you've had a great weekend and your week starts well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

reoccurring dream

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?
The story of mine starts in 2010. On a night in June. We were hanging out with Tim's Brother, his wife Anna and little Belle. We knew at the time Anna was pregnant for the second time, it was pretty exciting. That night over dinner we were catching up with them and Anna's younger brother and his partner were there too with their new little bubba. There was a lot of baby talk that night, which was nice but left me feeling a little freaked out...It took me a really long time to get to sleep that night I kept dreaming about twins and then triplets...
A few weeks later I was at work and came back to my office and I had several missed calls and messages from pretty much every member of Tim's family. Turns out Anna was pregnant with these little sweeties! I thought about it later and though, dream was about Anna! No problem
But once Ava and Sophie were born it would come to me every so often, Me at home and I've just had triplets.  And then a few weeks ago it started again...just around the time when little Jax was born...
Who knows what it's about, I think I just have babies on the brain, family, lots of friends, old work colleagues even acquiescence's are having babies/pregnant...I will assure you though there is no bun in this oven :)...not yet anyway!
It sort of scares me out but then at the same time I know it is very unlikely triplets will happen...I asked the Dr...maybe it's stress who knows!
Ever had a reoccurring dream and thought what the?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

music appreciation session

I was knitting and watching the Graham Norton raging Saturday night I know! :)
But Katy Perry was on and she was interesting to watch. I've never really got into her music but came and listened to this's really encouraging!
...and then it turned into a bit of a music appreciation session!
What music are you listening to at the moment?
Tonight I enjoyed some John Farnham, Noiseworks, U2 and of course Katy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

extra long weekend

 It's been a wonderful long weekend...I am so close to getting my blanket done it's not funny...I started this blanket about 4 years ago!
There is a really nice dessert bar not far from our house so we ventured there Sunday night with the sisters and husbies
 Got to catch up with some dear friends from Brisbane and their little bubbie...who has grown a lot since I last saw him. They do that don't they! 
 Fiona got to enjoy some cuddles with Remi too 
And today I got another day off work as Tim had some end of study meetings today which I was invited to as well. It's been a good one. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend in your neck of the woods too!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Jax

 Little Jax this time last week you were still nestled in your mumma's womb...
now you're a little snuggly buggly in a ruggly!
Tim's sister gave birth to a very sweet little boy on Friday morning! 
Jax Micah
He's pretty precious and got long fingers and legs! 
He's a few weeks early but doing really well.
We're a pretty smitten Aunty and Uncle here at Lozalicious! 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

it arrived!

 It's red, it's shiny and it is so enjoyable to ride!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

baby buitendag

We had a baby shower on the weekend for my sister in law Bec.
It was lovely, we had a body shop foot spa party, lovely conversation and PLENTY of food!
 We also played a couple of was pin the baby on the belly...
 Baby B is due to make his entrance in about 4 weeks time!