Sunday, May 29, 2011

A letter to Emirates

Dear Emirates,
I’m hungry. Hear me out. I’m hungry because today I went to my favourite dumplings restaurant for lunch and they gave me a single chopstick to eat with. What what? Crazy, I know. I couldn’t eat a thing. Everyone knows that chopsticks come in pairs and that a lone chopstick is as useless as an umbrella in a hurricane.
I’m also cold. Not all of me, just my left foot. See I went to put on my shoes and socks this morning and there was only one of each. One shoe, one sock. That’s it. Consequently, all day today I’ve been hobbling around trying to avoid murky puddles and spit and chewing gum and worse. 
So anyway. After work I went to the gym to let off some steam and, wouldn’t you know it, there was only one free dumbbell. Consequently, my left bicep is now bulging through my jacket, Incredible Hulk-style, while my right is a quivering mess of weakness and insecurity barely able to clutch this piece of paper, let alone pick up a dumpling with one chopstick.
To make matters worse, in the shower at the gym, I realised I had shampoo but no conditioner (hello flat hair) and, at dinner after that, my salt and pepper tofu was all salt and no pepper. Tough luck, the waiter said, we’re out. The result? A mighty salty thirst that, try as I might, I could not quench. Followed by a sleepless night peppered (pardon the pun) with thirteen trips to the bathroom.
The long and the short of it is this: some things belong together. Chopsticks, shoes, socks, dumbbells, shampoo and conditioner, salt and pepper. These things come in pairs for a reason and heaven help the fool who tries to keep them apart. Which brings me to you, dear Emirates.
Late last year, my husband and I saved up all our precious pennies and took our first trip overseas – flying Emirates. On the way over, we were very happy with your service but, on the flight back, from Dubai to Singapore to Brisbane, things weren’t so cosy and here’s why: between my husband and me there was a great gaping chasm of aeroplane. That is to say, rather than being seated together, as you’d expect of a couple who booked their tickets together, we were seated so far apart my husband crossed each date line half an hour before I did. Ergo, rather than spending the flight home side-by-side reminiscing about our happy holiday, we were forced to flick through our digital snaps in solitary silence while our seat buddies made awkward attempts at small talk. 
Now I know you aeroplane folks are hip to the lingo of pairs. Pilots have co-pilots and wings grace both sides of the plane. Two rows of lights guide us to emergency exits, passengers get to choose between an aisle seat and a window seat, hell, some aeroplanes even have twin engines. I know for sure this concept is not foreign to you so, how’s about next time, you quit fooling around with the natural order of things and keep like with like. Let husbands sit with wives, children sit with parents, lovers sit with lovers and best friends sit with best friends. And of course, let strangers sit with strangers. The plane trip is part of the holiday and flying solo is not my thing.
Yours sincerely,
...I got some lovely ladies at clothing for correspondence to do this letter for me...I have spoken about them here before. I heard back from Emirates a couple of weeks ago...and we received some matching beach towels...and some frequent flyer points...and a letter that made it obvious that they had read this one! I feel vindicated! Have you ever written a letter to share with a company your happiness or lack their of at one of their products?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

At 32

Kara is one of my oldest friends, oldest as in we have known each other since we were...8 and we are (almost) 26, and 27. She's expecting her and her husbands first baby due in mid July. So today we had a final hurrah for her...pretty much a baby shower, and men folk were invited too.
 We played a couple of games, celebrity heads was one...
...Alys and Nathan

 and we had to think of boys names for all the letters of the alphabet...there were some interesting ones! And there was a sweep to see when the baby would arrive (date and time), length and weight!
 There was also a lot of really delicious food made by Kara!
Kara has asked me to be her back up birth case Nathan faints or something. Which is a little nerve racking but a huge honour. It's an exciting time, and it was wonderful to have an afternoon of fun to celebrate with Nathan and Kara. They requested we didn't by gifts, but that we gift in another way, like offering to make a meal, or coming to wash the towels, clean the toilet whatever, to help out while they settle in to parenthood. So we're probably going to make them some lasagne! :)

Friday, May 27, 2011


This week I'm grateful for thoughtfulness....for a wonderful thoughtful idea go here...I totally want to try it!
I'm constantly grateful for weekends...because it feels like I can get a bit of sanity...lazy Friday evenings enjoying reading all my favourite blogs and discovering new ones!
For new followers...thanks for coming to say hi!
Happy Weekend friends! xx
for more gratefuls check maxabella loves

weekly wrap up V1

SO there goes another week...what the heck!
It's been a good one but a busy one.
Highlights: Celebration my dad's birthday with our McNicol's, playing a fun game of netball, receiving my cushion from this lovely lady, from this swap
Lowlights: Being dead tired, having ZERO time for blogging and always feeling like I was behind this week, chasing my tail so to speak, ever felt like that!?
dad and bec at delicious mexican
my lovely cushion cover, I love it! Thanks Katie!
can't even remember what was so funny...

Friday, May 20, 2011

today you are 2

Our niece turns two today.
She's cute, smart,a big sister and loves Dora!
Happy Birthday are some virtual hugs and kisses for your 2nd Birthday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

cushion cover angst and inspiration I joined in a swap late in April and I have been dilly dallying around with getting on to it...but today I was finally able to get behind the sewing machine and finish her off, cause it needs to be sent by next Monday! The only problem is now I have performance angst. I went and had a look at what some of the other swappers have come up with...and mine seems a bit...plain and simple...not that plain and simple are bad, but I feel like maybe I should have put a bit more thought into it...but then when I thought about it...I did...I went and did a bit of snooping around at my swappers blog/website and she said she liked owls and I chose some material that was in that category...the birds aren't quite owls but they are pretty darn cute
I would still consider myself to be on my L's when it comes to sewing, so maybe plain and simple is best...
OH man! I hope she likes it!

fun for your monday morning

Ok Go do some of the funnest...I know that isn't a word but it needs to be used clips! This was actually the first film clip they made for this song but they ended up going with another one...I think this one is better...more funner! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

apparently I have influence

I've been a reading a bit and listening a bit about birth order recently. It's pretty interesting, not gospel but some of the stuff I have heard and read resonates with me. I'm the eldest of 4 girls, but I'm not the first born. Mum and Dad had a son before they had me, sadly he died before I was born, so I have only ever know being the eldest.
I've sort of always been the trailblazer, in the sense that all the rules were tested on me. Mum and Dad were always a bit more strict on me. I wasn't aloud to watch certain shows, or have sleep overs all the time, when I got a bit older I had to beg to go into town with my friends and then when it came to parties later in high school well I had to beg even more (they some how seemed VERY important at the time!). I guess you could say I was a victim of first child strictness. ;)

I'd say that when all my family are together, I'd be the quietest out of a noisy lot. But then I am the leader in most ways too. One example being that I got a tattoo first. Which may sound a bit random/ specific but go with me here. It would make sense that I would, especially because I am quite  a bit older than my younger sisters. But my second sister followed suit a few years later and now the young-ins have too.
The thing is when I got my last tattoo...almost 5 years ago Courtney said to me "Oh Lauren, please don't get any more tattoos!' and she had a real pained look on her face...She now has 2 tattoos. I asked her if she remembered this conversation last week right before she was getting some new ink and she said no!
In a lot of ways I have been an influencer in my sisters lives, an example. Granted, tattoos are a heck of a lot more popular now, compared to when I was B and C's age...which is 8 years ago.
But it made me think that maybe other things I have influenced them in too, I'm not saying this to make myself sound grand. I think it could be a negative thing too...what dodgy things have I done or said that they have seen or heard?
perhaps a bit too deep and meaningful for this time on a Sunday night? 
Who has been an influence in your life? Who do you influence...perhaps without even knowing it sometimes!?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

where the heck did that week go?

Ah righto so it's Saturday did that happen?
This week has been a bit of a did I not blog? I think I went to once actually yes I did last night and blogger was unavailable? did anyone else have that trouble?
This week I...
Had a dark day
Worked...a fair bit
Led chapel
had a delicious dinner date with some lovely friends and their husbands...and mine too!
spoke with an old friend on her birthday
spoke with my sister in law
had dinner with my family...twice
listened/watched some very interesting shows about birth order and being gay at school (check out insight if you want to know more!)
had some interesting, funny, challenging, full on, excellent conversations with some of the young people I work with
had a Friday night off! now that was pretty freakin ace!
discovered one...actually maybe my last easter bunny had been eaten by the easter bunny eating fairy...
went to class
watched a couple of cool movies...this one and this one
and that's the stuff I can remember!
hopefully next week is a little less hectic...I doubt it
happy Saturday friends!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

flea market finds

I went for a spot of op shopping with 2 of my sisters this week...or was it last week...either way it was great! We all came away with some things we were very happy with! Which is always good when you are op shopping! It sucks if the other people you are with are snapping up the bargains and you aren't, well that's how I feel anyway!
 I found this lovely frock at a salvos, which never disappoints in the vintage/retro area. It fits fantastically but the zipper broke when I was trying it needs a repair!
AND a pair of brand new fisherman's pants which if you have never tried are ridiculously comfortable...for everyday! (fat days. skinny days, bloated days, fishing days) So good, they feel and look like they have never been worn...AND look very well handmade! Very happy!
For more thrifty finds head over to Sophie's!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

grateful for my mumma

a few weeks ago I was celebrating my my mumma! She really is a wonderful woman and so supportive and helpful to me...even when I am a bit of a grouch. 
It is one day early but Happy Mothers day to my precious mum, my precious mother in law, my sister in law and all mothers everywhere you are a wonderful gift to us children :) 
xx I am also grateful for friends and going to markets, food in the fridge...and the WEEKEND!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

double the joy

We went to Sydney on the weekend just gone (far out and it's Wednesday already I gotta be quicker on the uptake here!) and got to hang out with this cute kid! As well as a lot of other very speacial people  (her mum and dad, her two little sisters, her mema and grandpa, nannie and poppie aunty bec, uncle roelof, uncle peter, aunty rhi, cousin lilly and her bubcha.) 
We were there to go to her baby sister's baptism...I've spoken more then once or twice about these precious bubbas...not just the babys but the little lady too!
Peter, Tim and I were asked to Ava and Sophie's Godparents. What a joy (which is Ava's middle name) and honour to be asked. And to witness them become beloved daughters of Christ. They both had a cry when they got splashed! It was wonderful to get out Adelaide for the weekend and see our beloveds and hopefully it's not too long before we see them again!
Congratulations Ava and Sophie
We love you lots and we look forward to seeing you grow!
love Aunty Lauren (and Uncle Tim)  xx

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

before I get to the weekend...

Last Thursday night...Tim and I went on a date to the theatre! We saw Wicked. We decided we would like to go...probably a couple of years ago when it was on in Melbourne. But never did. Then it went to Sydney, Brisbane and FINALLY to Adelaide. So we  ordered tickets as a birthday treat and went. I loved it...Tim didn't so much but still enjoyed it. I had goose bumps when they were singing. I laughed, I even shed a tear and I quite enjoyed the cleverness of how they intertwined this story, a prequel if you will, with the story of The Wizard of Oz. It was wonderful to go to the theatre with my beloved and share a special treat together...
It wasn't so nice having to get up at 4am the next morning...BUT WHAT FOLLOWED THAT (a trip to Sydney) was well worth it...I'll come back later or tomorrow to talk about that...