Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Life has been rather hectic lately...but there is always time to take a quick snap with Instagram...it's my favourite at the moment!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've been busy and sick :(
I've seriously taken the most sickies I have ever taken in the past couple of weeks...
I was starting to feel something come on, feeling run down so I took a day off to try and refresh...then the girls weekend happened and I overdid it and got worse.
Headache, sore throat, sinus issues, runny nose, lost my voice, cough from hell.
I'm getting there now
the best think about being able to snuggle in bed is getting through all the books I had started reading. 
AND finally watching pride and prejudice...which I loved and I am totally putting on my secret santa list!
The Wilber Smith book is one my dad lent to me quite a number of months ago. It's set in South Africa and is the first in a series of 3. I sort of lost interest in the middle but it picks up in the end. So much so I am really looking forward to reading the next two.
Affluenza is a challenging and interesting read. I recommend it if you're looking for something new to read
And of course the girl with the dragon tattoo...I saw them at the library and thought I'd start at the beginning, as all movies are it's slightly different to the book but I finished it last night and I'm looking forward to getting book 2 and 3 from the library tomorrow!

Monday, August 06, 2012

GIRLS weekend

We left the boys at home and went for a girls weekend
there was a fire...it was lovely and warm...we learnt a few things about lighting it and making sure it didn't smoke the whole room up!
There was sun and beautiful blooms 
there were long haired cows 
there was CWA Clubrooms with delicious fabric....
 Funny signs 

 Delicious food...amongst it this wonderful Dukkah
I think we'll go again!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

at the movies

Do you ever watch a movie and think wow that was a well made, incredible acted, roller coaster of a movie. I felt exactly that after we watched "The girl with the dragon tattoo" last weekend. 
So I should preface this with the fact that Tim and I had a semi argument in the DVD store, when I suggested a certain movie and Tim said you've got to be joking me! I quite like girly movies. Yes the ones that the boy and girl ends up together at the end. But I don't mind the odd car chase and explosion. So I had suggested a more blokey/girly movie...if there is such a thing! And he suggested The girl with the dragon tattoo. I was a bit scared to watch it because I'm a bit of a baby.
BUT I am so glad we got it in the end.
There are half a dozen scenes that I had to leave the room for because they are graphic and traumatic (if you've seen it you know what I am talking about it, and if you're thinking about seeing it be warned). But the story was extraordinary and the character of Lisbeth is complex and damaged. I actually said to Tim while we were watching it that the character was so well played. I can't even put it in to words really. 
I'm a bit behind the times as this was released late last year and the first "Swedish" version was  released in 2009. The movies are based of the Millennium series by Swedish author Stieg Larsson.
The movie finished in a bit of a...really is that where you are leaving it! The main story line was tied up but the relationship between the 2 main characters Lisbeth and Michele was left at a loose end so I am looking forward to see where that is taken.  It will lead in nicely for the next movies. I am really looking forward to seeing those too.
So if you find yourself at the DVD store not sure what to watch check it out...and let me know what you think!