Thursday, October 20, 2011

my creative space

 my creative space this week is a bit of a mess!
it's also taken the kitchen table hostage! 
It;s all because this weekend a lovely friend and I are having a stall at this market! I had one there last year and it was so much fun! A great place to do your first market! My mumma will be coming along too to help out and drink cups of tea with us! So I've been busy finishing badges, magnets, brooches and cute little pear pin cushions!
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  1. Hey, good luck with the markets. I have been missing having a market stall lately, even though it is so stressful getting ready for them. Unless you are more organised then me.

    Have fun and hope people buy up big!

  2. Hey, don't fret, your workspace is still way tidier than mine & it isn't covered in vegemite scone crumbs (which are bubba's fav food at the moment!).


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