Saturday, July 21, 2012

grateful for old and newer

These ladies in this photo are quality. 
One of them in my sister so I've known her for...26 years :). I met Sarah when I was 10. We lived on the same street and our dad's were studying the same thing. We lived on the same street only for a year...but we stayed in contact, through High school, Uni...when she went over to London for a couple of years and when she moved back to Adelaide we started hanging out again. Now she's moving to Darwin... :( but I'm not going to get into that.
Zoe works with Sarah and so that's how we met a couple of years ago, she's a lovely gal who loves trinkets. Alex used to work with Sarah so that's how I know her too again met her a couple of years ago she inspires me. And Merinda she lives downstairs with her husband who studies with Tim I met her about 3 years ago when she lived in QLD still and she was doing long distance with her beau. (They got married at the start of the year so now we get to play) 
We get on well, have quite a few things in common. The biggest thing is drinking tea, chatting and laughing...and bitching about facebook ;)
So this week I am grateful for newer and old friends and the fun we have together.
Maxabella used to host this link up each week but now it can be found at Kidspot. Check out more grateful's there! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 I think as Winter goes on there are going to be a few more yarn inspired projects being completed!
Here is number 7! Do you own coasters? We don't well didn't! It's just something we never bought or have been given so I thought with some of the bits of yarn I had left from project number 6 I would crochet up these babies...and it also means I can practice my technique.
 The yellow one is the first thing I crocheted...ever back last year...or the year before when I was being taught...I went away from it for a while and did some knitting then had to get back into the head space of crochet.
They're all different and a bit fun!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

let's go on a date...JULY

Because our anniversary happens in July I thought I would theme our date around that and left the plans pretty loose. We chose a place to stay for a couple of nights
went for a delicious dinner in a local town at a local pub. I had Atlantic Salmon with a macadamia crust and Tim had steak. 
and then had a delicious Haighs fondue in the hotel was wonderful and delicious...I've missed a couple of dates...well we missed going on them so will hopefully be doing a catch up soon!
Shannon is the lady who inspired this gift and you can check out some other dates over at her blog!

mini break

We took a little trip for our wedding anniversary to the Barossa Valley...I'm a new convert to Instagram so went a bit snap happy. We had a really lovely time and even got to catch up with one of Tim's Groomsman and his wife. It was relaxing and I almost can't wait to our next little getaway...I have no idea when that is but I look forward to it!
 Photo 1. Celebrating 2.Where we stayed 3. The beautiful fields of the Barossa Valley 4. A beautiful ornate headstone in the Gnardenberg church cemetery 5. Little selfie 6. The excellent wallpaper in the lobby 7. Tea time at Breakfast 8. Gnardenberg church on a glorious day 9. The rolling hills of the Barossa

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where we are from

 My beloved was born and raised in QLD. When he was young his family moved here to Adelaide for his Dad to study. After those 5 years they were sent back to QLD and he lived there until he moved here at the beginning of 2007 to study. He's a QLDer through and through. 
 I was born in WA. My family and I lived there til I was nine and that's when we moved to Adelaide for my dad to study...the same course that Tim's dad studied...but Tim's dad graduated the year before my dad started so we never met then! We then moved to QLD and then I moved back here at the beginning of 2006 (my family had moved back during 2005) Even though I haven't lived in WA for a long time it holds a place in my heart and I'll always be a WA girl. 
I bought these for our anniversary that we celebrated last week. A very talented lady made them seriously check out her etsy store My bearded pigeon, you'll wanna save your pennies and get one!
What is really nice is that the WA cushion has SA on it where Tim and I met. I thought it was a nice reminder of where we have come from. AND the cutest thing when I explained this to Tim he said "Well I guess when we move next year if we're in a new place we'll have to buy a cushion for that state!" I like his thinking!

Sunday, July 08, 2012


 I am so excited about this project! There's a chance I have been working on this blanket for...4 years...I did talk about it here over 2 years ago! IT'S FINALLY FINISHED!!!! When knitting season started....usually sometime in Autumn for me ;) I was determined to finish it and particularly with the 28 projects! (when I made that goal of 28 projects while I was 28 I brainstormed some things I wanted to well as unfinished works I had...this was obviously one of the unfinished ones!)
I finished it this afternoon! As you can see I still have a few ends to sew in...but it's finished in my eyes! 
It's pretty rustic and not 100% even but I LOVE IT!!! It is mighty satisfying finishing a project that you've been working on for so long! 
Now if you'll excuse me I have a date with my new blankie and the couch!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


 We've made it to three
Happy Anniversary to my beloved