Thursday, October 13, 2011

my creative space

I've been having fun this week with a couple of extra days off during the week cause of School holidays!
 I saw this idea a few weeks ago. Pre-planned dates for a whole year. I got very excited instantly and thought that was a really fun idea. We can get a bit lazy in the date department and tend to do the same things...maybe we'll branch out a bit with this! So after I finished my bunt's the other day I got to getting envelopes etc ready! I had fun! 
 I got creative in the kitchen and made some pesto was freakin delicious!
and of course my bunts! they took up most of my creative space...and table space before I posted them off! :)


  1. Got mine yesterday Lauren, thanks for the lovely bunt, the crochet is a nice touch too, love it. Nice to find your blog too!xSam

  2. My Bunt arrived too..thank you so much it will look great with all the rest.


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