Friday, October 14, 2011

Frocktoberfest week 2

Another week in the life of Frocktober! It has been a fun week trying to think of which dress I'll wear next! Although I'm a little bit conscious of feeling overdressed all the time! AND the weather is being REALLY temperamental here in it's more dress over jeans weather! But it is nice to don a frock each day!
Saturday 8th- I got this dress from Miss Shop a few years ago...I really like wearing it over jeans because otherwise it is WAY too short!...for me anyway!
Sunday 9th- I bought this skirt recently on a savers trip!
Monday 10th- this dress cost me $5 new...
Tuesday 11th- from the salvos down the road from me, it has cute little cats on it!
Wednesday 12th- I got this dress from a market from a basket marked $5 I think. It is in amazing condition and quite thick material.
Thursday 13th- I bought this dress about a year ago and this may have been the first time I wore it! I can't believe it! It is super fun and so comfortable! I think it'll be great in the summer
Today! 14th October- I've had this dress for donkies of years!
I'm approaching the territory of dresses that I have worn to weddings I am either going to be ULTRA dressed up or more skirts are going to feature! :)
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