Monday, October 10, 2011


my bunt is completed...
they are in the post off to it's new owners
It was lots of fun to make and I will probably make more!
I used fabric from my stash and crocheted a flower for each with wool I already had. There was almost no 2 that were the same!
Thanks Rachael from Squiggly Rainbow for hosting! 
I've already received many of my "bunts" I'll share them all once they have arrived!


  1. wow! so sweet. and so much work. You've done great job.

    (p.s. did you get your postcard from the postcard swap? I never got one :( ...)

  2. Oh my gosh! they look amazing!!! Well done Lauren! SO much work. least you would've made someone so happy! Maybe they were jealous of yours and didn't send theirs to you? (I dunno know if thats how it works?!)

  3. I got a lovely surprise in the post today! beautiful thankyou!!! I've got to get a wiggle on. My oldest now wants to learn to crochet.

  4. I'm loving opening my letter box at the moment the mail man comes and I'm out like a flash and there just seem to be a delightful surprise everyday and today was your beautiful piece of bunting, thank you very much I love it, the green stripes are delicious. I'm so glad you liked yours too. xx


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