Wednesday, February 29, 2012

random thoughts for your 29th

 There is something about the 29th February...don't you think? It only comes around once every 4 years...we get an extra day in the year...don't you ever hear people say they wish they had more hours in the day? :) well this year we got a whole day! tee hee!
There was a time where I thought my birthday was meant to be on the 29th February...that I in fact was 2 weeks over due...turns out I was only a week late!
I have never blogged on the 29th of February before. 
Hope you've had a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

blue little typewriter

 This is my mum's typewriter. She was gifted it when she was 13...she'll be 57 this birthday. A number of weeks ago I remembered that she once had a typewriter and asked if she still had it. Bingo! We got it out a couple of weeks ago at family dinner and everyone had a go...even Tim and he wouldn't admit it but he had fun punching the keys. What was even better was that the ribbon still worked!
 I pulled it out yesterday while I had some lovely ladies over for a craftanoon and typed some things for the 27 project. It was fun playing around with it, everyone had a go! :)
have you typed on a typewriter recently? 

Friday, February 17, 2012

27 @ 27 month to go!

Last year on my birthday I made some goals- mostly fun goals, others were a little more serious. I did plan to update a but more regularly here...but I've been pretty crap at doing that! I thought I'd do a one month count down...and I am collating and documenting in the form of a pretty little book, quite similar to what I did for our lovely holiday late 2010.
 I've managed to complete about 15 of the 27 so far...and there are another few I reckon I can get done before March 15th rolls around...if I stop putting them off :)
I'm having a craftanoon tomorrow so maybe I'll cross number one off the list...which is... knit something other than a scarf :)
...we'll see
stay tuned!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

on the wall... My place and yours

 I took a bunch of photos for last weeks theme outside...and then never got around to sharing them...maybe some other time!
 these are some of what is on our walls here at unit 6!
 if you want to have a sticky at some other walls head over to Vic's at Punky and me!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

grateful for new babies, new neighbours, new jobs

there is so much to be grateful for this week...
a dear friend had her baby on Wednesday. Welcome to this world little Harley! We CAN NOT wait to meet you little one!
Tim's sister (who's got a bun in the oven!) and brother in law moved in right down the road... literally! They used to live in QLD so is it VERY nice to have them as new neighbours!
...and new jobs...well I talked enough about that last night!
Get your grateful on and head over here!

Friday, February 03, 2012

my day job

Sometime last year I decided it was time for a change in my work. I thought about it a lot, got stressed and worried about it for a lot of reasons but finally decided to resign from both parts of my job as youth worker (at school and church) at the end of 2011...without having another job to go to. Before I resigned I started looking for work and things were very slow...I think I am still waiting to hear back from SA to say I wasn't successful. Another reason I wanted to resign is because I studied social work at uni and really wanted to get into the field more. I kept applying for jobs and went to a couple of interviews. One with an organisation I have admired for quite some time. I appreciate the work they do in the community.

While I was waiting to hear back about whether I had that job or not I heard about another job, which was a youth worker job at a DECDS (public/state) school. The school is no ordinary school. You can't enrol like any other school but the young people are referred through agencies. The school accepts young people who don't "fit" into mainstream high school for whatever reason. Sometimes due to social, behavioural, mental health or learning issues. The young people come from tough backgrounds and I have learnt so much having been there these past couple of weeks. I am so glad that I heard about this job because I didn't get the other one. And I was offered this one a week after I finished up at my other job. WHAT a relief!

I am working in the youth work team and I'm a case manager for a number of young people. From what I have learnt so far I am working with the young people connected with school but who are not on the timetabled program. They are in the flexible learning option. Some due to chronic non attending. mental health issues, trouble with the law...and so on. It's been a full on couple of weeks but the staff are great and they work really well as a team, supporting and looking after each other in what can be a pretty intense work environment. I'm excited to be doing something that's more along the lines of social work and be making connections with these young people and hopefully supporting them in ways to help them in their future learning. I am also really excited to have weekends off! AND Friday nights! :)

I'm hoping I'll still be able to blog regularly and this will definitely become a space to relax and get away from work and to share fun, craft and life! It has been a a great couple of weeks with not only starting this new job, but also my pregnant buddy Sez had her bubba! A little boy named Harley! Tim's sister and brother in law moved in literally down the street from us so it will be so nice to be in the same state as them! Life is good, full and busy!