Wednesday, October 29, 2008

random happy snaps

There have been lots of happy times lately!

i bought a digital camera, and have been taking some photos, below are some of the happy things that have gone on! xx

Do I have something in my teeth!?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the expo for brides!

yesterday me and my mum went to a bridal expo that was held at the showgrounds here in Adelaide! when my mum first told me about it i WAS NOT keen to go, shopping alone gives me the itetates after an hour and a half let alone going to a show that is dedicated purely to spending LOTS of money on one day!

ok sorry that's a bit negative

but it was actually pretty good. I mean other it was funny. we went to lots of different stalls and got lots of different cards and brochures for places to have the reception, photographers, flowers, bomba...whatever those things are called that you put at peoples places! i was talking with one of the ladies from that stall and she asked me when i was getting married. when i said July next year she said...oh that's not long...IT"S MORE THANK 8 MONTHS AWAY!!!

we went past the celebrant stall too and the lady asked us if we would like a brochure, when i told her my dad was a minster and Tim's was too...she said "well i think you have that sorted!" she was cute, and she was wearing a cute hat!

there was even a fashion parade so now i have heard of some shops that actually sell dresses, so i don't have to wear jeans and cons on the "big day" :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

congratulations and welcome term 4

today was the first day back at school for the term. and it was lots of fun. i was a little bit sluggish this morning after having wonderful sleep ins last week but got there and i had emailed the staff to say that Tim and i had gotten engaged and there was lots of congratulations emails and lots of hugs and kisses today!it was wonderful!

in chapel Pastor Peter asked me to come down the front and he sort of interviewed me and asked me how my holidays were! it was fun and everyone clapped and cheered! it great! lots of smiles and lots of showing the bling off!

some year 8 and 9 boys came and said congrates it was sweet!

so welcome term 4 and congratulations!

Saturday, October 04, 2008


i'm n longer a girl friend...
but a Fiance!

Last night Tim asked me to marry him...
and i said YES!
we are both thrilled! and can't stop smiling!