Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The diary of Anne Frank...have you read it?
I made myself a challenge to read it this year I finally found it at the library and read it.
When we were in Amsterdam last year we visited the house in which the Frank and Van Daan families hid during world war 2.
I enjoyed reading the story of these families from the eyes of Anne, it was also very sad. But I also found it quite hard to read, like I felt weighed down when reading it. 
I also recently finished the book thief (which is also set during world war 2) and REALLY enjoyed it. You should check it out. What have you read lately?


  1. I've always been interested to read it... so I'll have to get on to that some time soon! My mum is very interested in the Holocaust and has done a lot of research, and met one of Anne Frank's (best?) friends.

  2. It is quite a poignant and sad story - we are so blessed to live in these days and this country. I am trying to read "Look Me in The Eye" a story of a man with Aspergers, it is hard to get into, but that may be because I can relate it so much to my family! xx

  3. I read this a few years ago and remember quite liking it, so sad. There was a good tv mini-series made from the book on over here not long ago.
    LOVE 'The Book Thief', just love it. Such an amazing novel.
    I just finished reading 'The Shipping News' and it was pretty good. I nearly got distracted and put it down but I'm glad I finished it. It has made me want to visit Newfoundland.
    Reading 'The Help' next, looking forward to the movie too.

  4. I watched the movie just the other day - did you realise that in the movie Annes mother is Fran from Blackbooks? Took me ages to figure it out.

    Sez xx

  5. I know that time period is such a weight - but I really do love most literature to come out of it and because of it. I have read the diary yet but its definitely on my to do list

  6. So glad you read the Book Thief!! I thought it was beautiful


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