Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it snowed this morning!

 Trying to take photos of snow while it falls is actually quite difficult...so photos of where it lays is good too!
 We walked to the local "greasy spoon" and didn't even slip once!
 Someone's right hand will be cold today :(
and we met this little guy yesterday at St James park, where people were feeding them nuts and the lake is starting to freeze over! We called in at the Queen's palace too but couldn't make her hear the bell! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

ahhh can someone turn on the heating please?

Can you see that? 0 degrees! I took this on our travels yesterday!ahh I am getting a bit nervous about going further East! Today we are off to see the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods and to buy more clothes...but not at Harrods because that's far too fancy! :)
Tim read some forecasts for the weather in France... -4 to -7 next week with the chance of snow!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

we're in london!

ok so here we are on the plane about to embark on our journey! We were about to sit on a plane for 14 hours and then another 7 hours from Dubai to London...This is before we took off, excited, full of anticipation...tired! But ready to go on our adventure!
fast forward about 36 hours and here we are in the cutest cafe ever, where if you order a hot chocolate it comes in a mini soup bowl!! With Clare...she probably wont like this photo but it is SOOOO good to see her and Simon. I haven't seen Clare since our wedding last year and it is wonderful to see where she lives!
The coolest craft thing that has happened since we got here was the Belle and Boo exhibition opening...at the afore mentioned cafe Mandy is showing her work til January 16th! It's lovely and I can't believe we got to be here for it! You should check out her blog her illustrations are lovely! Why were we going to that? Cause Clare works for her now!
 We also went into the city by ourselves on Friday. We caught the bus then the train...well I caught the train and Tim was left on the platform! EEKKK...I saw reason and got off at the next stop and Tim was along on the next train in a couple of minutes..the public transport system here is GREAT!! While we were in the city...WHICH IS HUGE!!! We climbed up the monument and could see a 360 degree view of the city, which was a amazing, this place just goes on for ever!, we walked over tower bridge, went to borough markets...which are these really great food markets.
went to St Paul's cathedral. So this was breathtaking inside...we were there for over 2 hours checking it out...It blows my mind it's been there for 100's of years and the details, the mosaics and sheer size of it is incredible!
this is crouch end where Clare and Simon live!
Yesterday we also found ourselves at Camden markets, in a pub when the soccer was on...which was quite an experience! :) and down to piccadilly circus, Leister square, Trafalgar square and Regent street...WHICH WAS PACKED!!! seriously there are so many people around...it's like a music festival...constantly!And delicious Indian for dinner!
We are having an excellent time and just feel so blessed to be able to to this!
oh and one more thing...IT"S REALLY FREAKING COLD!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ever gone a little list mental?

Lists like this are starting  taking over at our house now....but we don't want to forget anything! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

end of an era

I've been working with Richard for 5 years. Friday was our last work day working together! He has accepted a job at another church in Adelaide and by the time we arrive back from our trip he'll be finished up at Unley. It's been a good 5 years,a lot of jokes I didn't get but a lot of laughs all the same. A parting gift was a copy of the life of Brian...Rob (the other guy I work with) and Richard would quote this movie quite often and the jokes would always be lost on me because I had never seen it! Well I'll rectify that soon! It's sad to see him go and next year will be an interesting one. 
Cheers to you Richard!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Back in March I saw a sign saying there was a new vintage fair happening in a hall down the road from me...well months later Janelle and I finally went and it was great! It wasn't too busy which is what I was in the mood for and there were lots of pretty things to admire. It was a bit torturous going and having to hold back in buying the lovely things!I did find a pretty dress I will show tomorrow! But I am going to go next year after our trip with more pocket money! Anyone in the Adelaide area should definitely check it out! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

busy as a little bee...

Oh goodness! the days are going by so quick as are the nights! We leave on our trip in less than a week! Which is VERY exciting! 
We have picked up our travel card with the money loaded! 
Pounds for when we arrive in London!
I've been busily crossing off things on my to do list...for our trip..AND at work, I have my last day at school tomorrow and Sunday morning at church then done!
I'm finishing up the custom order for a pretty bride to be...
Tonight is the Year 12 Valedictory so off to that in a little while...
Sourcing Birthday presents for younger sisters who are turning 18 next week....and off to schoolies this weekend, which has made my dad VERY nervous!
And through all this I have really missed blogging and checking out my regular blogs...BUT they will still be there when I do have the time to read them which is good!
...well enough procrastinating I better get ready for this ceremony!! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

the week that was

It would be safe to say this week has been a little hectic. It started with a lovely day off, a walk into to the city to look for some trip essentials and other things, gym, other errands at home and hanging out with a friend and her cute kid!
a celebration breakfast (at this awesome place) with some fantastic year 11 students, celebrating the coming to the end of their VET course...WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!
the pancakes were amazing...but I could not finish them! as hard as I tried!
Wednesday saw the 2 week mark til our trip!and a celebration dinner with my work mates from church... Tim was pretty pleased with himself with his order! 
it was a huge kebab thing very tasty!
a custom order for a pretty bride to be! 
Remembrance day, I found out one of the staff at school plays the bagpipes. Very impressive!
and this was waiting when I got home from the lovely Rosie...for my secret santa gift...for someone I thought was my secret santa and now some how is not! (one of my younger sisters wanted to swap and I thought we had actually swapped back! No matter!)
And tonight, I have the night off, so chilling with a friend and then tomorrow a strategic planning day..which I have to be honest...not too excited about...it goes all day too...gah...anyway!
Happy Weekend to you, may it be a good one!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

so what have you been doing the past 14 years?

Quite some time ago I bumped into a girl I went to Primary school. We were quite good friends in primary school but because of moving away it's easy to loose contact! And you know often if you see someone you haven't seen in years you say oh we must catch up...and then never do...well because of the wonders of facebook, we were able to reconnect and we caught up earlier this year. While we were chatting we wondered if anyone else might like to catch up, so we put it out on facebook to the people we were "facebook friends" with and got a fairly decent response! So today was the day of the reunion!
We decided we would meet in the park just out the back of the school, because that's where we used to play at recess and lunch. And one of the girls from our class still has connections with the school and church so was able to hook us up with a tour of the school!
It has changed so much! It was a complete spin out! The principals office and main reception area is where the year 5 and  classrooms used to be. There is a brand new library, the hall has been redone. Lockers have moved, the canteen has moved and of course there are a lot more computers than what there was back in 1996! The Art room and Staff room had pretty much swapped places! A lot of work has been done!
 I wondered if it was going to be awkward, but Megan picked me up and at least we arrived together and because we have met up a few times we feel comfortable hanging out! It was great to hear how everyone is doing, about 11 people came along. Some are married, a couple have kids, some are engaged, some have bought houses, some have gone back to study, some never studied and went straight to full time work. Some have traveled and some plan to. And a lot of people asked after Tim...crazy thing is he went to this primary school too! Only he left at the end of year 4 and I started there at the beginning of year 5!
It was a great day and many people said what a great idea and we should do it again. Whether we do who knows! But at least we did it once and it was fun!...I had to take this last photo! The new library is very new and has very funky carpet and colours...and these very cool I guess you could call them odomans...to work at! Very cute!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I can't stop listening to this song!

I can not stop listening to this song! Like seriously it is so good! The film clip isn't my favourite but heck who cares and it redeems itself cause Brooke is taking a photo at the very start!! Turn it up load and enjoy!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Look what Clare made!

Clare is so clever! And she gets to be clever when she is working for Mandy at Belle and Boo!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

spring roses are out in full bloom

 pretty much everywhere I walk these days, whether it's to the bus stop to go to work...or when I get off the bus and then walk the rest to work...or around the streets near where I work...there are beautiful roses everywhere!

 they smell devine!
And they look spectacular!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

it's the final countdown

3 weeks today til we leave on our trip! YIKES!!
We have booked our Eurostar train from London to France
Picked up our Eurorail tickets! that was very exciting!! ( and made bookings for travel from some of the places!)
Fought about not giving the correct email for the Eurostar confirmation
almost booked accommodation for a magical time in disneyland
spoken to Clare on skype! our own London local!
Things are/were looking good...except I feel shitty because I made a mistake and I'm being made to feel plenty guilty about it.
On a nicer note...I can not WAIT to finish work and get away, it's exactly what the doctor is ordering!