Monday, August 30, 2010

my place or yours....why you live where you do?

Hello! I thought I would play along with my place or your's been a few weeks! This weeks theme is fun! Why do you live where you do! 
well....there's a bit of a back story to this one! At the ends of 2005 I had just finished my uni degree in social work. I was living in beautiful Brisbane. My family were living in Adelaide. After finishing uni I came down to Adelaide for the Christmas holidays and I was looking for a job, not necessarily just in Adelaide. I applied for jobs in Brisbane too. I remember being quite stressed about getting the applications in and receiving a fair few knock back letters. But on Christmas day when I saw a job advertised as a youth worker at a church and school I knew that I should apply. I applied, had an interview and the same night received a call to say I had the job. But I wasn't sure I wanted it...did I want to leave beautiful Brisbane, my friends, the good music scene (which was very important to me!)??? I had applied for a few jobs in Brisbane and did have a couple of interviews. I was offered a job there BUT it was for a small contact of 3 months, this job wad for a year and then possibility to extend. I went back to Brisbane a couple of days later and found it really hard to make the decision. I talked with some trusted, level headed friends and finally made the decision: yes I will move to  Adelaide.
I started early 2006 and it was a really hard year. I was working part time between 2 places and wasn't getting a whole lot of money so tried looking for other part time social work jobs which were hard to come by. I ended up working in a chocolate cafe for about 6 months. There were about 3 times throughout the year that I wanted to pack it in and go back to Brisbane. I missed my friends, the weather, the music. I was pretty lonely. And Adelaide was clicky...and REALLY cold in the winter!But I hung in there and made it through the first year and by mid 1st term 2007 I was full time between Concordia and St Johns.
At the start of 2007 though I met this boy...
He moved from Brisbane to Adelaide to study. The funny thing is I actually knew his older brother AND sister from Brisbane but never met him! We met, fell in love and got married last year in July. We live (and rent) in a  SMALL two bedroom unit in North Adelaide, owned by the place that Tim studies at. It's a fantastic location near a beautiful park, lots of cafes and food areas and very close to the cbd. We will live here for the next couple of years until Tim finishes his study. Then who knows. Tim was (and will hopefully return to study next year) studying to be a minister in the Lutheran church. Once the study is finished we will be placed for Tim's first parish which could be in anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Which is daunting but exciting at the same time!
So I live where I live because of my work and my love!
Why do you live where you live!? Check out helloowl to see other people's living arrangements! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mr David...Mrs Fiona!

 We had the pleasure of attending Fiona and David's wedding yesterday in the beautiful Clare valley. On her families farm to be exact. We drove from Adelaide on Saturday morning (which is about a 2 hour drive) and got to the place we were staying and quickly got ready and went. The rain held off and it was wonderful!This is David waiting.... 
Fiona with her mum and Nana...    
the very happy couple sharing their first kiss as husband and wife! and a little bit of the amazing view...the rain held off!
Fiona was stunning!
cutting the cake
I think I met Fiona sometime in 2003 when I was in Brisbane for uni, we somehow got to be in a small group at a church and so did this lovely lady...the cute little man wasn't! I haven't seen Bec in over a year and is this Amos...who we got to meet yesterday...He is a CUTIE!!! and it is such a delight to see Bec as a mum!
Fiona is crafty and she did a beautiful job with all the extra little bits. This is a fairly crappy photo of her bouquet...but it is made of buttons, and fabric...just gorgeous! The shearing shed on her parents property was decked out beautifully with lovely flowers, fairly lights candles and a little kids area with blackboard and colouring pencils...and even a mattress for when the little ones got tired!
It was an honour to be there to witness these two wonderful people become one! 
Congratulations Fiona and David! xx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm confused...

Every year Concordia celebrates "care week". There are a bunch of activities around resilience, caring for each other etc. Staff can get a massage from a guy that comes in over 2 days (for a small charge), year 9 boys perform plays about bullying for year 8's and 7's, student teachers do awesome chapel devotions, morning teas (and it happened to coincide with book week this year so the library is celebrating too!) Staff can also sign up to have a care buddy, the idea is to spoil your buddy...but not spend much money, leave encouraging notes, perhaps pop a chocolate in their duck hole that sort of thing...I don't work Mondays and when I rocked up for work today there were 2 envelopes on my desk with these guys in them...AND then there were 2 more envelopes in my duck hole with 2 orange one purple...I opened their parachutes to see if my buddy had left a note or something in note...what do you think they mean? I told Tim about them and he was like...those things are awesome you throw them up in the air and they float down to the ground...right ok...still not getting it! I'll let you know if I get a note to explain them later in the week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you ever thought about going without furniture for 40 hours?

So the school I work at is pretty heavily involved with world vision and the 40 hour famine. When I started there about 4 and a half years ago I had done the famine a few times but it was really exciting to see young people get behind a good cause! In the past couple of years I have been the "adult" "overseeing things" helping sign students up, organising BBQ's and cake stalls...when really the students are awesome and I'm there to cheer them on!
This year I thought I wouldn't give up food for 40 hours but furniture. Going without food tends to make me go a bit batty and feel unwell so furniture is was. It was a pretty uncomfortable 40 hours, our floor in our apartment resembles concrete with some old carpet over it...and I did have to find a place on the carpet when we went to church yesterday. It was a good experience and I was VERY thankful to climb into my bed last night and sit on the couch last night! It's a good way to remind myself that I am very blessed and to not take it for granted. 
Have you ever done the 40 hour famine? or considered it?

the week that was...again!

Last week was a very busy week again! filled with lots of different things...craftanoon organisation, a bit of chocolate appreciation...

finding the top deck had a few "imperfections!"...
but then realising the whole block was all speckled!
Mum and Dad celebrated their 34th Wedding we bought them some pretty flowers!
organising swap treats, etsy orders and care week buddy surprises!
cake stalls and BBQ's to raise money for world vision and the 40 hour famine
going to 1st birthday parties...
and election parties...where the host is VERY into the I type there is still no result...a hung parliament it looks like.
AND we finally booked our trip! YEEESSSSS
This week I am looking forward to seeing a sister in law, a niece, a baby bump, perhaps going to bed early and a wedding of a dear friend...and hopefully the return of more regular blogging!
Happy Monday to you, where ever you are!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

here comes the sun...

to chase the winter blues away Vic from Punky and Me is holding a swap...Here comes the sun! So while I type sitting on the ground (I've given up furniture for the 40 hour famine!) I am thinking of wonderful things I can make for the lady I've been assigned to make some lovely spring happiness for! 
In the background we have the election stuff going on...thinking of spring goodness is MUCH more interesting to me! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

the past week has been...

at some points I felt like this could actually occur....
but then I got to enjoy some of this!
I got to celebrate being a part of the body
our house was a pig sty
I laughed so much I almost wheezed!
And at the end of it all I got to have some down time and watch some cool movies that have been on my to watch list for a while!
And this week I discovered I am REALLY looking forward to the end of winter!!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thursday, August 05, 2010

my creative space

this baby has been getting a bit of a workout....while I set up this little shop...
and it's always fun to stamp stuff!
this creative space is keeping me sane at the moment!
to check out more creative spaces go have a look over here...

Monday, August 02, 2010

setting up shop

A couple of weeks ago I had a giveaway of badges and magnets. One of the giveaway entrants then contacted me about buying some badges and magnets! Oh my what a I am setting up shop! At is slowly slowly at the moment! But if you'd like to check out head over here! I am slowly getting things listed and hopefully in the next few days and weeks there will be lots to choose from!
I would love to hear feedback and if there are other badges and magnets in these photos you want me to list please let me know!
Well I better get back to it!
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!