Thursday, December 30, 2010

Berlin Wall

 We visited the part of the Berlin Wall that is still up...known as the Eastern gallery
 It was REALLY cold...and someone was a little grumpy...
 We were rushed because of the freezing conditions...but it was powerful and moving.
 We have visited some really interesting, challenging and historical places since being in Berlin.
 Many people lost their lives crossing the wall and it spins me out that Germany was in this way in the late 80's. Last year it was 20 years since the wall fell!
 If you visit Berlin I would recommend having a look!
 There were also some very interesting messages in the murals!
oh and happy eve of new years eve...if you are in the northern hemisphere that is :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas friends! As it is almost done here in the north hemisphere we have experienced our first Christmas with snow (it did snow today!), our first Christmas just the two of us without any family around! And of course in a different country! We have both reflected that since December rolled round it didn't feel much like Christmas for us. We can't really put our finger on why but it has been different this year. Which in the end turned out well! We did start a tradition last year for having Christmas Eve just the two of us (we sort of did that by default this year! :) BUT having Christmas Eve nibbles...which didn't all agree with our stomachs but we felt ok this morning!

 We were able to call home and speak to our parents this morning which was really special. To be honest I was a little home sick. And talking with the folks gave me the little kick start I needed to enjoy the day! We went for a walk over the beautiful Charles bridge to a church that holds a statue of the baby Jesus. We rocked up at the right time about 20 minutes before the next service...that was going to be in English! So we stuck around!
 And then we found these ladies! HA well actually because of the wonders of facebook...and Clare (who is with it) let both Tiana and I know that we were both going to be in Prague at Christmas! We contacted each other and met up this afternoon and ended up having Christmas dinner together! That's her lovely sister Danae! Tiana and I went to high school together...we were trying to work out when we last saw each other, but couldn't remember! It was VERY cool to see her and hear how life is going for her and hear about her trip, and to meet her sister. And lovely to have some friends to share Christmas with!
And now we are enjoying a cup of tea and little nibble of chocolate. It has been a lovely day!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, that you got to spend it with someone special, eat some lovely food and reflect on what Christmas means to you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

only in Prague!

would you find Absinthe in the supermarket...for about $20.60 Australian dollars...CRAZY!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even if it was for just one night!

I was a Dresdan doll!

Bamberg Fun

 Bamberg started well for us with a DELICIOUS dinner at a Mexican restaurant. You know when you have been away from home for a sort of get sick of eating out. Your body craves steamed vegies! We had hit that point...but this meal totally restored our eating out capability!
 The next day we went walking around the city which is really pretty. And we came across this group of kids, I think they were on an excursion because we saw them earlier facing off with each other. Their teacher was quick on the scene telling them to drop the snow balls...Which were quite big but only a little way down the path it was snow ball fight time! :)
Just down from the snow ball fight we found this very cool mural 
 The mood was a bit tense this morning for some reason...tired I think and the weather was pretty average. But then Tim started throwing snow at me...and we made snow people! :) My hands were SO cold afterwards but it was so fun!
 The artist as work!
 our little snow can sort of see...mine was on the left and it has/had a cape!
 our little snow dog/sheep up to you! :)
 The magic and deliciousness that is the kinder chocolate crepe...that might have been my chocolate crepe that is...I have on good authority there is some darn good crepes in Prague!
 There were some cute shops in Bamberg, and this little horse...foot rest I think!? who knows it was so darn cute I wish I could have bought it and taken it home!
We had 2 really good dinners in Bamberg. The second night was at a cocktail bar just across the road from where we were staying. GREAT cocktails and the food was great too! VEGIES!!...and steak and a side of potatoes! But you know it's serious when you eat ALL the vegetables before touching anything else! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

It is a small world....seriously

We went and had a look at a castle today, a famous one. One that inspired the Disney Castle! Neuschwanstein Schloss. It has a very interesting history! We took the walk up the steep hill, Tim threw snow balls at me, I slipped on the snow!
I really enjoyed myself. We went on a tour and saw some of the finished rooms. From what I could understand from the guide, the construction of the castle lasted for 17 years (before Ludwig II death) and he only lived in it for 18 months...but Tim heard 6! Either way one of the rooms we saw, made for balls, and music playing was only finished 2 days after Ludwig's death. Very intriguing. 
Craziest thing that happened today, while we were walking up the hill to go on our tour...we saw these two! James and Steph two ex students from Concordia! HA Before we left home I wondered if we would see someone we knew! (there are a number of students on exchange in Germany from school, in areas we are visiting!) SO funny! A fun day! And tomorrow we are off to Bamberg!

Breakfast in Fussen

Guten Morgan! So the place we are staying in at Fussen has a special buffet breakfast on Sunday morning! Lucky for us that was this morning!
 Delicious Crepes with berry pancakes and chocolate from.... 
 the chocolate fountain...a chocolate fountain at breakfast...all my breakfast dreams coming true! And that's Tim making his own waffle!
 Pretzels and Danish
 Waffles and chocolate...from the chocolate fountain
 something savory...this was Tim's!
and a little bit of tea to wash it down! Needless to say I was pretty full at the end! It was fun though!
This post is dedicated to all of the Spilsburys...who want to know about what type of food we are eating! :) xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Munich, Narnia, Salzburg

 We made it to Munich safely, our train was a bit late due to the weather but we made it and thankfully the place we were staying at wasn't far from the train station! We ventured out to find dinner at a great beer hall and our waiter was a real champ. Tim enjoyed the beer and me the pretzels! I've noticed in Europe when a restaurant is really busy they'll seat you next to strangers...say if there is 2 people at a table for 4 they'll seat 2 couples next to each other...I thought the pretzels were for the people next to us but when they left they hadn't touched them! So we had one! YUM!!
It's been snowing a far bit in Munich!
We found our way back at the place we had dinner at...for Tim to enjoy...a ridiculously sized beer!
We visited Narnia at a cinema nearby that shows movies in English. We both really enjoy going to the movies and both really enjoyed the film, in 3D for 7.50 Euros! That's $10!! cheap as! When we left the cinema and walked back to our place...we saw this temperature!!
We then took a day trip to Salzburg in Austria! We took a tour and were shown around some sites where they filmed the Sound of Music, and where Mozart was born. It was all covered in snow but it was still delightful!
As part of the tour we had free time and so we got ourselves some lunch a drink and consulted the map!
We were also told about this place that makes this cake. When the guide was telling describing the cake it sounded a bit like a black forest cake but it wasn't. The recipe is a state secret! ha it was nice but not that amazing! :)
We enjoyed discovering Salzburg and looking around the Christmas markets. We travelled back to Munich and today we have come to Fussen, But I will tell you about that later!
And thank you for all the comments and that people were enjoying the travel log! Thanks, it's lovely!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ich fahre nach Dusseldorf

Today I did one of those things I have always wanted to do. I went to Dusseldorf. For those who live in Germany or have been there may think Dusseldorf? You've always wanted to go to Dusseldorf? Well yeah!! For a young teenage girl in Bundaberg learning how to say I am going to go to (insert place here) German, Dusseldorf was always the place, cause it was so darn cool to say! So I guess today I did one of those things on my bucket list. One of those things you've always wanted to do before you don't get the chance, I should get around to writing them down one day! Have you done something on your bucket list recently?

to quote Lorelai...Snow is magical!

er excuse me miss you seem to have a dandruff problem! hahahaha! I last night it snowed in Koln while we are at the Christmas market...eating crepes with melted Kinder chocolate in the middle...oh my they are SO very good! Some people had snow all over their hoods or beanies some in their hair! It was great!
This was the view from our place last night. We got to walk home in the snow. Snow feels really cool to walk on when it is freshly makes a cool sound too when you step on it. And today Tim described it like walking on icing sugar!
This is the view tonight, all the snow on the road is gone but it is still quite thick in some areas. I like snow. I mean I don't have to drive in it and I haven't slipped...yet! And hopefully I'll get to make a snow angel too! It does catch you off guard though when it floats into your eye!