Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sin Chau!

I'm in the big V!
yes! i'm here in Vietman and the heading of this blog is how you say hello!
we (as a team) have been trying to learn a new word each day on the way to the build site!

so we left saturday mornign and flew an 8 and a half hour flight to Kualar Lumpar and stayed the'r the up and flew to Ho Chi Min city where we got to go and look at the markets. we stayed there sunday night and got up at a lovely 4.15AM on monday to make our way to Rach Gia and here we have been! first few days were a little frustrating and tiring...getting here and then checking out the sites! and meeting the people have been great. we visited an orphanage on monday and the kids were CUTE! and LOVED having their photo taken and then looking at the photo!

this one is quick BUT i thought i would follow Adrian's lead with you know you're in!

So you know you're in Vietman when... order a chicken dish and you get the claw and beak included
2. Hello Moto isn't the start of the motorola's actually hello fatty ( a kid said that to anna and I today!)
3. You watch someone skin a duck for dinner
4. a hat cost 80,000 dong (around $5.50 australian)
5. you have to squat to go....i'm going to leave it there!
6. you are driving down the road and motorbikes are coming towards you...and not getting out of the way....and driving without a helmet!
7. when you cross the don't wait for the traffic to stop you go...and hope they dodge you :0

much love and will update when i am back!