Monday, May 31, 2010

the great apron swap of 2010~

photos by Mr T
Well I posted my apron off last week and today when I checked the mail! Looky here an apron for me! Clever Lorraine has made a reversable apron for me! One side with a cute pocket the other side without! It's wonderful! Thank you so much Lorraine! And thank you to Sarah who organised the swap to begin with! A fun idea and great to be involved! Thank you!

Here is the little apron I sent Lorraine!
It was fun to make...I started over a couple of times and it did stretch my sewing ability but I had fun all the same! Have you ever made an apron? If you did how did it go!?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding dress tour

My friend Rachel alerted my attention to this just now on her blog, so I thought I would play too...In the wedding dress blog tour...hosted by Shashers Life. It sounded like fun and once I found my wedding dress I adored it! A friend who got engaged just before me had made an appointment to go and try some dresses on and so I went and watched for some inspiration...It was AWFUL!!! I was so sad and overwhelmed after that I thought I would never find a dress that suited me! Or that I liked...But then I saw this dress in a magazine...
This lady is an actress from an Australian Show and she was featured in Cosmopolitan Bride in Spring/Summer 2008. My sister in law had bought me this magazine and I had flipped through it but on better inspection found this and thought...that's it...the photo above doesn't show that it is a short gown but that was something that really drew me too it, and the old vintage feel with the lace. So after more dress shopping and trying on stupid dresses that I felt like a twit in...I kept coming back to this dress so made an appointment with a dressmaker who my mum knew and went from there!
This was the final product! We found beautiful lace...which I didn't really like the first time I saw it BUT in the end it was perfect! It was wonderful that it had sleeves because we got married in winter (last year...almost a year! yey!)
Faye (the dressmaker) was amazing and she did a wonderful job right down to all those buttons down the back...a little slow to get out of but we managed in the end! ;)
I still have it...not that it's been 20 years yet! I had it dry cleaned a few months ago and put in a box to keep it safe and make it easier to move. I don't think I would sell it. In the end it was very reasonably priced and I LOVE it! It was the perfect dress for me. A little bit different, a bit vintage and FUN! So many people have said to me when they saw our photos or saw the dress was. Lauren that dress its so you! Which makes me smile!
If we ever have daughters they may not be interested. or it will be out of fashion, but that's OK, it was perfect for me and if we were to go back in time and be organising things again I would choose this dress again! Go and have a look at Shasher's blog and join in! It's nice to think back on your wedding day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

my creative space

This week I have been working on my apron for this swap! I started over a couple of times but I think it worked out...and hopefully my swapping buddy likes it!We did find out who our partners were before we swapped...the person I made an apron for...she made one for at this stage only a picture of it wrapped up and ready to be sent to the UK...which I did on hopefully you have something nice in your post box really soon! For more creative spaces check out here!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one about my dad...and bowling

It's my dad's boofday today! he's 55...he was born the 25-5-55 and he's 55 today! That's a lot of 5's!
We went bowling on Sunday night as an early birthday was VERY fun! lot's of laughing and gutter balls! Apparently there is a policy at this bowling place that only children 10 years and under are allowed to use the bumpers...but that is beside the point!
Anyway I failed to get a photo of Dad bowling...but he won both of the games overall and then messaged us all the next day to say he had a finger injury from bowling...occupational hazard! Dad is good at bowling, listening, offering is help and asking my opinion about things that matter.(and Tim thinks I get my little competitive streak from him!)  He's a good man. We love you lots Dad! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

the one about the little dog

Our little Dog Buster turns 11 today! I remember the day I met was a few weeks after the 24th May, closer to Jek's birthday because he was her present in 1999. I came home from being in Brisbane all day on a drama excursion and I could hear this little whimpering and yapping...and so I went down to the laundry and there he was...little buster dorgie! You have been a faithful little fury friend...sometimes feisty but always ready to say hello at the door and roll over for a belly rub!
photo taken by my sister

Sunday, May 23, 2010

these are a few of my favourite things...

I like sharing my 5 faves...but today there were more then 5...SOOOO here are a few of my favourite things right now...these are random and I came up with it in about 5 minutes! 
Wrapping presents...but then what's even better is wrapping them up with pretty sticky tape...I have been doing it a bit lately...what with mothers day, little Belle's birthday, Anna and Dad's birthday too! It's always a bit fun to use some pretty sticky tape!
 Seeing Tim's face light up when I bring out some chocolate...that I have hidden and he doesn't know about lasts longer if he doesn't know where it is! :)
Spontaneous Etsy for me and one for...someone else!
Having a bit of time yesterday to stab my new pincushion!

Watching House with Tim on Sunday know when you chain watch a television series...and the episode finishes and you look at each other and more?

Finding perfect gifts for up coming birthdays...for special people

making lists = uncluttered head for me!

what are some of your favourite things at the moment??

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Saturday!

What a lovely day it has been so far! Breakfast at Cafe Komodo with my handsome, taking detours down the streets of Adelaide, find the markets weren't on, a delicious hot chocolate from Bracegirdles, a quick look at tangerine treasures and some browsing in the bookstores. Now a quiet and relaxing time at home.
Whatever you find yourself doing today I hope you have a lovely time doing it! xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How did that happen

How did this happen?
that my little sisters would be in year 12 and be wearing seniors jumpers!
they were VERY excited to be showing off and parading  their jumpers after having to wait awhile... apparently! :)
I was almost 9 when these little ladies were born and now they are growing into mature, well adjusted fun...and silly young woman. I am very proud of them! (and reminiscent of my senior year in 2001! :))

Monday, May 17, 2010

my place or yours?...YELLOW!!!

I'm getting into the swing of things with my place or yours again! I've missed the past couple of weeks but I'm back in the game! This weeks theme is YELLOW!!! oh I had fun randomly walking around the house looking for some yellow things...

my pencil bucket tucked away on my desk! AND the little Tupperware bowl housing badges galore!
this cute little's a puppet and when you move it's beak it quacks the tune of Old Macdonald had a farm!It is very fun!..and oh i have spotted the little yellow monkey in the background!
some nice yellow fabric!
and these washing up gloves purchased only yesterday...because they were on a really good special! I looked at them but it was Tim who suggested we should get them! I love that he knows I would love dish washing gloves with coloured spots on them...:)
to play along or to invite yourself over to someone else's place head on over to HelloOwl!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Penny's Birthday Bus Tour

It was a wonderful day to get on a bus and head to the Adelaide hills, taste wine and celebrate Penny's 26th birthday! She did an amazing job organising it! We visited 4 wineries ate lunch at one... 
had treats at chocolate No.5 (that is Penny there smiling!)
playing pass the parsel on the bus! THAT was very cool! we also had a photo bingo challenge...
one of my photos was to get circles and shadows...not in the one photo BUT I did! :)
another one was get a photo of someone who's name began with S...this lady at Nepethe winery...her name was Sandra!
AND while we were in Hahndorf...and after hot chocolates I spoilt myself and bought this cute brooch...I bought one a few weeks ago for a friend, for her birthday...I liked it so much I thought I would get my own!
AND these mittens/gloves arm warmers! I saw them a couple of weeks ago too...but bit the bullet today and got em! I had been saving my birthday and pocket money! The lady at Storison is so lovely! I wish I could visit there every week!
Happy Birthday Penny thank you for organising such an awesome birthday bus tour!

Friday, May 14, 2010


where did this week go? if anyone knows...i'd love to be enlightened!
Pluses of this week...the beautiful sunny days we have had...even if it has been crispy in the mornings. A Friday night off, a nibble of chocolate every day! :) and now the weekend to chill and relax!
I hope whatever week you had you get a chance to do some of your favourite things over the weekend! 

Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Master Chef Song (Cold N' Old)

This is of the year 7's at school made this!

what a week!

I felt like doing this at the end of yesterday! It was a big, busy, long week. BUT good! But it's better that it's the weekend now! I hope you have an awesome weekend, whatever you find yourself doing!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

it arrived!

So I showed you my pincushion I sent recently for this swap...well....
My pincushion arrived today in the post!!! OH I was totally jazzed when I opened the package!
A pincushion AND an awesome Tea Towel made by the very clever Tania herself!
She was a super sleuth and went trawling through my blog to find some clues about what sort of pin cushion she could make me! and I must have said...I want to be a tattoo artist! Well I think she has captured it extremely well! 
Tim was very excited when he saw the tea towel...T is for Tim! 
Thank you Tania you totally made my day! 
ps check out Tania's blog it is lovely!

Monday, May 03, 2010

5 faves...

5 faves! YESSSSS I really love playing this along with Pip. She has some cool favourites this week! go and check out her faves over here!
I first saw these here originally from here
 this picture...I saw it around easter and saved it...apologies for not knowing the original source.
 Dairy milk is now FAIR TRADE!!! heck yes!
autumn knitting

vouchers and being able to by something you WANT instead of something you need!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

a giveaway

I popped over to the dainty squid and she has a giveaway happening at the moment! Oh fun! go on go and have a look! You could enter the give away too! Just leave a comment on her blog!! and you could win these cool mugs! BUT hurry entries close on May 4th!