Friday, October 21, 2011

frocktoberfest-the 3rd week!

Far out how quickly is October going!? I'm in the full swing of these frocks/skirts! although there have been more skirts than frocks this week!
 Saturday 15th October- this beautiful green and black patterned skirt I got from the OP shop while visiting Bundy in September. I found it in the costume had a big chunky gold thing on the front which I took off. It is super comfy and flowy and pretty...shame the picture is a bit crummy!
 Sunday 16th- I got this dress from a market in Freo...I really like it. I wore it to Tim's sisters wedding. It's a bit low in the front but I wore a little skivvy underneath which has a v neck too...went well and it was a little cooler this day so worked well!
 Monday 17th- dress from the's a tad tighter than when I bought it...but doesn't look too bad! It has cute buttons on the bodice!
 Tuesday 18th- My sister made this skirt! It's super cute apples...This photo has taught me I need to get Tim to photograph me the rest of the month!
 Wednesday 19th- A work mate told me I looked cute I was able to tell all about frocktober!
Thursday 20th- back to a lovely skirt. I got this for a birthday a few years ago. It's reversable and you can style it into 20 different styles...but I lost the instruction leaflet...apparently you can even wear it as a dress/frock!
Friday 21st October- the plain jane black skirt I'd had for years...comfy with tights!
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