Sunday, May 15, 2011

apparently I have influence

I've been a reading a bit and listening a bit about birth order recently. It's pretty interesting, not gospel but some of the stuff I have heard and read resonates with me. I'm the eldest of 4 girls, but I'm not the first born. Mum and Dad had a son before they had me, sadly he died before I was born, so I have only ever know being the eldest.
I've sort of always been the trailblazer, in the sense that all the rules were tested on me. Mum and Dad were always a bit more strict on me. I wasn't aloud to watch certain shows, or have sleep overs all the time, when I got a bit older I had to beg to go into town with my friends and then when it came to parties later in high school well I had to beg even more (they some how seemed VERY important at the time!). I guess you could say I was a victim of first child strictness. ;)

I'd say that when all my family are together, I'd be the quietest out of a noisy lot. But then I am the leader in most ways too. One example being that I got a tattoo first. Which may sound a bit random/ specific but go with me here. It would make sense that I would, especially because I am quite  a bit older than my younger sisters. But my second sister followed suit a few years later and now the young-ins have too.
The thing is when I got my last tattoo...almost 5 years ago Courtney said to me "Oh Lauren, please don't get any more tattoos!' and she had a real pained look on her face...She now has 2 tattoos. I asked her if she remembered this conversation last week right before she was getting some new ink and she said no!
In a lot of ways I have been an influencer in my sisters lives, an example. Granted, tattoos are a heck of a lot more popular now, compared to when I was B and C's age...which is 8 years ago.
But it made me think that maybe other things I have influenced them in too, I'm not saying this to make myself sound grand. I think it could be a negative thing too...what dodgy things have I done or said that they have seen or heard?
perhaps a bit too deep and meaningful for this time on a Sunday night? 
Who has been an influence in your life? Who do you influence...perhaps without even knowing it sometimes!?


  1. I love it that you are quiet are observant, kind, loving and genuine...and that you always let your sisters (and probably the Spilsbury clan too!) take the lead in conversation shows that you love them enough to meet their do have influence, after all you're the big sister!

  2. I think the big sister is always the biggest influencer, especially growing up. You seem to have taken it in your stride, Loz. I know my own big sister has exactly the same remarks as you do about being the 'guinea pig'! x


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