Friday, October 08, 2010

bowerbird bazaar

Quite a number of months ago my friend told me that this market was coming up... 
the bowerbird bazaar! from what I can gather two local Adelaide ladies put it together (along with all the store holders!)! It's lovely...pretty tempting to buy lots of beautiful things though! There were some stalls that I've seen the merch before around in local Adelaide stores which was nice! I had a delicious hot chocolate and met some really nice cool people selling their products...
although it was a little intimidating at first, it's hard to explain why but we had a nice time in the end! 
I couldn't resist these beautiful flowers 
or these cutie earrings...I did go there with a mission to find a present for bec and courty for their birthdays...but to no avail! If you are an Adelaide dweller...check it out this weekend they are open both tomorrow and sunday!


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