Friday, January 21, 2011

little bunnies...and one big bunny

This is Sophie
And this is her twinnie Ava!
 This is their big sister Isabelle
 This is Uncle Tim reading to Isabelle!
 This is Isabelle being tickled by mummy! She was having a really good time! 
 We got to hang out with these cute little bunnies (and their way cool parents!) last weekend! It was a wonderful way to finish our trip and make the final leg of our journey home.
I am as proud as punch to be an Aunty to these little ones...can you half tell? :) 
this post has been a week in the making...blogger has been difficult and wouldn't let me load photos from Tim's camera...which some are in black and white...and some of my faves...oh well hopefully I'll get to share them with you sometime!


  1. gorgeous! All of the Spilsbury girls - new and old! x

    (there's definitely more girls than boys now!!)

  2. I know they are so beautiful...all of them! :) hey where is the kitchen tea fun! you're leaving me hanging here girl! :)

    ...oh yeah and about the more girls then boys...Luke will have to talk to my dad! ha


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