Wednesday, May 04, 2011

double the joy

We went to Sydney on the weekend just gone (far out and it's Wednesday already I gotta be quicker on the uptake here!) and got to hang out with this cute kid! As well as a lot of other very speacial people  (her mum and dad, her two little sisters, her mema and grandpa, nannie and poppie aunty bec, uncle roelof, uncle peter, aunty rhi, cousin lilly and her bubcha.) 
We were there to go to her baby sister's baptism...I've spoken more then once or twice about these precious bubbas...not just the babys but the little lady too!
Peter, Tim and I were asked to Ava and Sophie's Godparents. What a joy (which is Ava's middle name) and honour to be asked. And to witness them become beloved daughters of Christ. They both had a cry when they got splashed! It was wonderful to get out Adelaide for the weekend and see our beloveds and hopefully it's not too long before we see them again!
Congratulations Ava and Sophie
We love you lots and we look forward to seeing you grow!
love Aunty Lauren (and Uncle Tim)  xx


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