Sunday, April 17, 2011


This photo was taken a bit over 20 years ago on grandparents day, when I was at pre-primary school.
that's my Nana and Pop...and me in the middle! My mum's mum and dad! Nana is here visiting us from Western Australia. It's wonderful to see her, I haven't seen her in about 18 months. She's witty, tells a good yarn, teases with love....and shows me where my mum gets her laugh from...the one that makes her whole body shake!
I'm so grateful for her, and for pop too who unfortunately couldn't make the trip this time. But maybe I'll be grateful for cheap tickets to Perth soon? ;)


  1. I miss my Nanny, but i have wonderful memories of her. She was lovely lady. They are special!

  2. Oh gorgeous, love the relationship between grandchildren & grandparents. My parents were in their 40s when they had me, so even though i had my 4 children in my 20s, their grandparents aren't so keen on the younger of their 14 grandchildren. You're so lucky to have them in your life, still. Love Posie

  3. Hi Lauren nice to meet you and your lovely blog and thanks for checking out my gratfuls and your comment! :)
    I hope you will be grateful for cheap tickets to Perth (I know what you mean we leaved in WA and thought it was soo expensive to fly anywere!) real soon, I agree Grandparents are really special!
    Have a great week,
    Sandrine x

  4. Finally catching up on my reading. That is such a cute photo of Little Loz. You are very lucky to still have living grandparents. I miss mine dearly. x


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