Sunday, May 08, 2011

flea market finds

I went for a spot of op shopping with 2 of my sisters this week...or was it last week...either way it was great! We all came away with some things we were very happy with! Which is always good when you are op shopping! It sucks if the other people you are with are snapping up the bargains and you aren't, well that's how I feel anyway!
 I found this lovely frock at a salvos, which never disappoints in the vintage/retro area. It fits fantastically but the zipper broke when I was trying it needs a repair!
AND a pair of brand new fisherman's pants which if you have never tried are ridiculously comfortable...for everyday! (fat days. skinny days, bloated days, fishing days) So good, they feel and look like they have never been worn...AND look very well handmade! Very happy!
For more thrifty finds head over to Sophie's!


  1. A fabulous dress, well done, great find

  2. That dress is so fab in its vintage glory!

  3. That is a gorgeous dress.
    I am not familiar with that type of pants. I'll have to investigate.

    While I am happy that shopping chums find bargains and things that make them smile, my joy fades unless I can find something I love as well. (Usually I do find the most. Does that mean I am too easy to please?)


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